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Phaedra Says – Illustrated

Posted by tinselkitty on November 23, 2010

Where the Hell Do I Go With This?

If you surfed through Gawker today you might have seen their post asking for horrible holiday stories.  Or, like me, you might have just seen this photo and automatically assumed it was a Real Housewives of Atlanta post.

It’s like looking right into Phaedra’s brain, ain’t it?  The best part is that it’s like a Where’s Waldo for white people dinner.  The longer you look at it, the more stuff you find.  So here, for your evening entertainment enjoyment, is your official TV Time seek and find.  Go!

  • pipe
  • belt buckle
  • panties
  • cocaine
  • butterfly
  • mullet
  • blue ribbon
  • bong

59 Responses to “Phaedra Says – Illustrated”

  1. reality is not real said

    Lwoo,,come to my house for Thanksgiving,,we got allthe fixin’s like in the pic,,,,lollllllllllll

    Thank you Daniela,,I so missed all of you,,,,I may have been medicated,,but I knew sumthin’ was wrong when I went to RT…lol..all of the best people were gone and I only recognized a tiny bit,,so luckily I get out my Orphan Annie decoder,,,and I do good detective work,,,My decoder ring says “Drink more Ovaltine”… that movie and it wasmade here near me,,,

    Lwoo,,How do u put ur pic in th4e corner,,,,(crying…

    Daniela,,,,I love the JFK quote…profound

    Pixie,,I fell asleep atmy key board,,,woke up and “Q W E R A S D F C V ” were embedded into my cheek,,,humph!

  2. Pixie said

    LWoo, I believe the guy is holding underwear, not 100% sure.

    Daniela, good quote. I’ll drink to that!

    RINR: LMAO!!!
    I used to have that problem waking up with the keyboard embossed in my cheek, too, till I got an iPad (touchscreen keyboard). Christmas is around the corner!

  3. reality is not real said

    hahah..Dear Santa (BOBL) I want an IPAd,,I have been good,,scratch that,,,I wasn’t good,,but bad,,,and when I’m bad,,I’m better

    OMG..saw the Jack Sprat gallery,,I swear I was having those images whilst medicated,,in the hospital of course,,so it’s LEGAL

    I know for a fact that is not good mari ju wana,,,I um “read” about it…I swear!

  4. BobLHead said

    I beg to differ RinR….although those are just the leaves of the cannibus plant, they are ever so handy for making, say, pot butter, just melt butter with the leaves and woohoo, toast and buttah….breakfast of champions….

    or so I’ve read.

  5. reality is not real said

    I stand corrected and I also read that the stem of the plants make great tea,,,again I reiterate,,I read

  6. Daniela said

    BobLHead: My friends son is a professional chef, and he makes buttah, too! You need to strain it though. That is how he makes his brownies, he uses buttah.

  7. BobLHead said

    Oh yes, I forgot the straining part….but it’s kinda of weird to have green butter….just sayin’

  8. Rosie said

    Hi everyone!
    I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

    TK.. Omg. This picture is a classic! Lol.

    Rinr.. Almost 4 weeks! I’m so sorry. I hope you are doing ok. I’m glad you found us with your detective work! *wink-wink

  9. reality is not real said

    Hi Rosie,,Im so glad I found allof u,,,seriously,,if you read RT long enough and were gone a few weeks,,,you would know it changed and not in a good way,,I was determined to find you,,I always say I have an angel on my shoulder,,so the tada!,,I missed all of you so much!

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