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Real Housewives of Atlanta – RECAP

Posted by tinselkitty on November 22, 2010

Is There a Doctor in the House?

This week’s episode of Real Housewives was jacked up on so many levels that it requires more than one blogger to recap the insanity.  Think of it as the buddy system, like when you’re scuba diving.  You don’t want to go in that deep, dark cave by yourself because something awful might happen and you’ll need someone to pull your ass back to safety.  That’s right, minions, Phaedra’s vagina has caused the unholy pairing of IJS and tinselkitty.  Strap in and pop open a beer, bitches.  It’s gonna be a long night.

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IJS –   First of all.. I just want to say.. I don’t drink beer..  its so De-Klassey.  On the other hand.. let’s get onto the show cause I sipping the finest of vinos and that’s how I roll.


Phaedra’s baby “Is ready to climb out of her vagina”  Lets take a look back.. She doesn’t know when the baby’s due date is, had no idea the state of the baby but just knows the lungs are fully formed.  Tinsel?  Can you tell us if its possible to know if the lungs are formed at 6 month’s regardless of the weight of the fetus?  Phaedra is skeared of dying during the procedure of “maternal living or dying while giving birth” .  She now visits a Doctor at Rosemary Inn which is impressive to see THE docta to give her ‘maternal advice” while snacking on lady fingas.  Dr Lou has been refered by a radio show who is the only docta who can come 5 feet of Phaedra’s vagina.  sigh.  He gives her the low down on the procedures and Phaedra tells the docta that Apollo was 3 months early and delivered over 8 pounds.  I need to take a drink now.. cause I don’t believe this chit.  Even Apollo had a perplexed look like.. dang.. my momma never told me that story..  What she said.    Now we hear Phaedra is walking and taking dancing classes and sleeps late and gets up early.  WHAT A WOMAN!!!   How she gonna look as good and take care of her baby??  Mani/Pedis are a staple in life and what do I do??   Tinsel??

tinselkitty – Well, years of research, observation and birth records tell us that, yes, a baby’s lungs are formed around the 24th – 26th week.  The National Institute of Health (it’s a .gov, peeps!) agrees.  In case you’re still not convinced, Google and Wikipedia both confirm.  I dragged out some of my nursing school books and super duper quadruple checked.  Yeah, yeah, me and Kim, laugh it up, bitches.  It is considered SOP that a baby be kept in the mom at pretty much all costs until at least 24 weeks, and if it has to come out at that time you’ve got to have momma’s doc, momma’s nurse, baby’s pediatrician, baby’s nurse, baby’s neonatologist,  baby’s respiratory therapist, baby’s NICU nurse, incubator, respiratory machines and a crash cart in the room with you.  Read through that list again.  That’s a metric shit ton of people and equipment once you add momma, daddy and momma’s mother.  Babies born at 24 weeks don’t get to be held by the parents.  They go right into the little incubator and hooked up to machines.  For all her hard work, momma gets rewarded by a bird’s eye view of the backs of several people working feverishly to make sure the baby can breathe.

Six months past due, maybe.


By the way, at 24 weeks, babies weigh about a pound and a half.  Does this —–>> look like a pound and a half to you?

I noticed that Phaedra jumped right in to answer the doc on how big Apollo was when he was born.  I am starting to think this story is so important to Phaedra that she honestly believes it.  She’s not lying because this is what is real to her.  I would hope her parents wouldn’t be so horrible about getting pregnant before marriage that she is this scared about it.

Who knows why Phaedra was experiencing mid-term bleeding but, had that been me, my doc would have thrown me on bed rest immediately.  If he found out I was dancing the next day…whoowhee, he’d have been pissed.

IJS –    Kandi has a birthday party at a clothing boutique she sells clothes at.  Its “Trendy, Sexy, affordable and Recession Proof”.  All the girls showed up ‘cept for the pickle eating lady.  Pickles are not admitted.   Kim arrives and has a dramatic entrance with a big box covered in pink silk.. that hides a big wig.. covered in pink highlights..  with big long locks..  The pink streaked woody wood pecker has been challenged and put to bed over a bed of hot coals.  Kandi would rather of had a check in lieu of a friggy wig.  Um Tinsel.. Kim is tawkin about the due date of Phaedra’s baby cause Kim has a nursing degree in babies and delivery chit??  Dwight explanation is that Phaedra loves her husband so it’s all good.    Tinsel??

Bitch, please.

tinselkitty – I liked the wig on Kandi.  I mean, it looked like a wig but it looked better on Kandi than most of Kim’s wigs look on Kim.  Why is Kim acting so dumb?  Last week I would have asked for another nurse if I had gotten Kim.  This week?  I’m good.  Once she got going it was obvious she knew what she was talking about.  I like her when she’s being smart.  It’s the wigs, isn’t it?  They irritate her brain and make it not work.


IJS –   Nene is meeting with Karyn Greer to hook her up with a job for Atlanta’s Channel 11.  She is selling her panties off for a job with her connection to celebrities who reside in her neighborhood.  (hood)  She made a faux pas on Michael Lohan and who really cares.. that guy is a douche and NeNe says she is not a DIVA???  I die.  She promises Tyler Perry and more names and I am worried for NeNe.  She is name dripping from IMDB and Oprah’s talk show and I am worried for her.  Tinsel woman..  are u afeared as much?  NeNe!!!  YOUR OVER YOUR HEAD!!!

tinselkitty – I’m not afeared, IJS, and I’ll tell you why.  Out of all those women, Nene would be the only one that would be able to get those peeps.  I am loving her again this season and I hope to hell she can pull it all off.  I wish she hadn’t promised so much but who doesn’t…um…embellish…during an interview?  What I am worried about was the patented Bravo Foreshadowing Music™ that was playing during her “I’m not a diva” comments. That can’t end well.  Let’s all cross our fingers and hope that her brand of diva will be much less evil than Jill Zarin’s brand of diva.

IJS –     Phaedra again is worried she is gonna die.  You will, woman, from all your lies. but here we go. She gets out of the car to the hospital in some serious bedazzled flats.  Who made them? I want a pair.  As they step into their ‘condo with wifi” and all the germs..  Phaedra mom’s entranced.  THE HEAVENS OPENED UP AND NOW JESUS CAME IN!!

Kandi has arrived and telling Phaedra she is a fabulousa mom who is sporting makeup while delivering..  I myself was a fabulousa mom who did the same thing.. I roll like that..  I didn’t sweat or slide at that age.  AT THAT AGE!!

Phaedra’s mom is there and here comes the judge.. here comes the judge.   The doctor announces she is wait… wait.. “40 WEEKS!!!”  Phaedra’s mom needed oxygen and Kandi knees buckled.  SAY WHAT???  yeah check out my other post that ImaJustSaying explains it all..  lmaoooo  Check out that link.. you will be enlightened..  Tinsel lady.. you got any more to add from such a conflicted story when a baby “shoots the coop??”

Okay, I might have been wrong about this, too.

tinselkitty – Poor Phaedra.  If she thinks having a baby is so close to death then what is she going to do if she ever has to have a root canal?  Wait, what?  IJS, where did you see Jesus come in?  I wasn’t aware that Camille was guesting on this episode of Atlanta and I somehow missed her both times I watched.  Shite, now I’m going to have to watch it again.  Frickety frick frick frick.


Let’s back up for a second and speculate on why Phaedra would haul ass all the way back to Athens to have a baby.  Especially if she thinks she’s inducing that sucker at six months.  Why would you go somewhere that has fewer resources if you’re already in a situation that is less than ideal?

IJS, I am going to have to pause a moment and take issue with your statement that you’re explaining it all.  I read that post and, no, you most certainly didn’t explain it all.  Clarissa you are not, dear lady.  There are more holes in that story then there were in the last condom Jon Gosslin trusted.

If Phaedra had nearly miscarried twice, why did she continue with high risk behavior?  If something had happened once she was in the third trimester (week 25), she wouldn’t have had a “late-term abortion”.  The doctors would have induced labor and she would have delivered the baby.  The medical team would have attempted to save the baby unless they were instructed by the parents that heroic, life-saving measures were not to be taken.  It would have been a premature birth, not a late-term abortion.

So if you’re worried about a miscarriage being misconstrued as a late-term abortion, why in the hell would you not stick with the truth in this situation?  Who doesn’t understand a premature birth?  They happen.  They suck.  There is usually much sympathy given.  Hell, it’s the stock story given by many a woman who’s had an abortion but don’t want people to know about it.  I just don’t think this story clears up anything.  Nope, it’s as clear now as a hormonally charged teenager’s face after applying a nightly bacon grease mask.  Whoa, I’m smokin’ with the metaphors tonight.  Mmm, bacon.  Mmm, smoked bacon.

If her excuse now is that she was worried about her image then she’s dumber than I thought.  She should have dropped the story the first time she got the reaction we saw at Cynthia’s Mother’s Day get-together.  How do you look back at five or six women, all looking at you in horror, and not think to yourself, “self, maybe I need to tweak whatever just came out of my mouth”?  You’re a damn lawyer, Phaedra?  What do you do when you’re mid-trial and know no one on the jury believes your story?  If you keep barreling right on through and don’t bother with any course correction then your clients are foolish to retain your services.

See, Lisa's laughing at Sheree's fashion designer statement, too.

IJS –  Ok  so Sheree’s ex showed up at a birthday party..  The Mr Man showed up..   and we are on the talk of the card game spades..  Peeps.. Its my passion and will take all your cards and mess you up…  NO DOUBT!!  Tinsel lady.. do you play spades??  Hah..


tinselkitty – No, I am card game-ally challenged.  My family spent all our money on canned food and packed meats and had nothing left for entertainment.  It’s probably why I watch reality television now.

IJS –  Oh goodness.. Mr Doctor comes early to Sheree’s for a card game.. Loved how Sheree said.. you come early.. this is what you get.  LOVE IT!!!  NeNe comes in after many other guests and guess what.. THANK GOD!!  she has this stop short of .. DO I KNOW YOU!!   The night and high-larity ensues..  I could not ever plan this better but all the woman stand together as a group with high stakes with his head on top while they scream.. ‘WHO ARE YOU AND WERE DID YOU HAIL!!’  His sweeting and dabbing his forehead was priceless.  THANK YOU NENE!!  Ms Tinselkitty.. do you have another take?  Did anyone esle think that Sheree and Kandi had a top that was born of the same parent?  Hey!! I’m just saying!!  TInsel.. I will leave it to you to splain lucy!!

tinselkitty – Oh, yes, Nene stopping on a dime and drawing back was priceless.  It was definitely the moment most worthy of the opening pic up there.  I swear, this is the kind of friend I want.  As far as I’m concerned, when something in my life is going bass ackwards, the friends that have the balls to call it out are the ones that really care.  The friends that keep their mouth shut and let me find out on my own down the line, not so much.  IJS, you are absolutely right on this with the women standing together.  Even Lawrence was all girl-powering this fake ass brother.  Camille, you should move to Atlanta if you are having trouble finding an empowering group of buddies.  I’m sure these ladies will embrace you with open arms.  Seriously.  Give one of ’em a call.  Start with Nene.

He just kept on lying, though, didn’t he?  I’m sensing a match here with Dr. Lie and Phaedra.  She needs to release Apollo back into the general population where we’ll appreciate him far more than she ever will.  Then she and Dr. Lie can hook up and lie to each other all day and keep up their many stories no matter how much evidence rolls along into their path.

But for reals, Sheree getting all bitchety about Dr. Love lying to her when she’d called herself a fashion designer earlier in the episode was a wee bit hypocritical.  Don’t you think?  Little bit?

Ugh, that blanket is SO last year.

IJS –  Phaedra is now delivering this child.. “Flowing from her Vagina” and she is gonna die!!!   Ok I gotta say.. WTH with NeNe and Phaedra acting like a fool during a procedure when they are just projecting??   Who scream when they are sedated or worse.. has serious drugs to ensure they have no pain??    I digress.


Phadrea delivers this child.. and lo and behold.. Phaedra says it’s an Asian child??  while she woos and has while she is under the best sedation that money can buy???  Says.. baby is gross and says its Asian looking..  She says she is educated but I have a feeling there is something more than we are privy too..   She is a “renascence woman” fer sure..

KILL ME NOW!!  Tinsel.. I know damn well you got something to say.. or “I WOULD BE DOING YOU WRONG!!!”

tinselkitty – Silly IJS, we can’t kill you now.  If you died now you wouldn’t get to see next week when Sheree proves she’s a woman.  Do you really want to go off into the great beyond without knowing how that turns out?  Pshaw.  That’s a life unfulfilled if I’ve ever heard.

So after all this with Phaedra, can I just say that I’m glad Kim told her 8 year old some facts and didn’t just blow her off?  The more I watch her, the more I’m convinced that Phaedra’s one of those girls that thought babies and pee are delivered via the same plumbing.

To convince y’all of my dedication to our readers, I took it upon myself to google exploding vagina so you wouldn’t have to.  You can google it, too, if you want, but you’ve been warned.


Where babies come from.




27 Responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta – RECAP”

  1. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi everyone! I’m still alive. Just wrote a long post, but apparently lost it.

    I’ve been busy Christmas shopping, going to some pre-holiday parties, and trying to watch my HW. Fell down stairs & hurt back after BH HW. Going to 3rd p/s today, so wish me luck. He’s suppose to be great w/ GREAT bedside manner like 1st one.

    Fakedra. Fakedra. The way you blew off the desk nurse when she asked you how many wks. along you were was pricless. LMAO! You must be very scared of your mommy not to act like you don’t know how far along you were. Why, you were even acting like your “best doctor in Georgia” didn’t know what he was talking about when he said FORTY WEEKS. Like NeNe said to Peter, lawyers aren’t the only ones who know how to lie. Hey, there are great lawyers & not so great. Liars in every profession. Fakedra sure did play dumb & lie. I had a difficult time paying attention to what she was saying with the drum of lip gloss that woman wears. Lawd have mercy! I heard the Asian remark, but did she say her baby/birthing was gross?

  2. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Another moment where I LMAO was NeNe in the little race car for the kids’ graduation party. I couldn’t stop laughing. NeNe didn’t seem afraid, or nervous, at all when she was at the news station and around award-winning people. I guess she felt right at home there. Probably as long as she can talk, talk, talk, then she’ll be okay.

    WTH with Sheree’s “doctor”? An on-line doctorate?! That man’s part must be affecting his brain. Ricki Lake show said it all.

    WTH with Lisa H. at card party? Sheree thought it’d be great to have her there because they are competitive, and would have fun. Whatever. Is Lisa going to be in every show?!

  3. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Backing up to NeNe saying lawyers aren’t the only ones who know how to lie. Hmmmm. Wonder if she was referring to Gregg?! Are they divorced, or getting one?

    Really backing up. Watched BH HW. Again, LOVE Kyle’s “emerald” tear-drop earrings. LOVE!! Enough jewelry talk. At the NY restaurant, what was it that Kim said to get Lips so upset? Wrote quote down, but can’t find. Something about Lips would open up some Oklahoma whup-a** on Kim. Did Kim try to put Lips in the middle of the mess? At first, I use to think Lips was controlled by Cowboy Rusty. However, after watching that scene between Lips & Kim, it got me to rethink. I watched Kennedy’s B-day party again, and paid more attention to Lip’s interactions with Russell. I don’t think Lips is a pushover. I think she’s pretty tough as nails. I don’t think Cowboy Rusty is always driving the bus. I think Lips drives that bus when she wants to.

  4. Dani said

    Hey Mrs.J – missed you. Sorry about your accident. I have been out of commission too lately as work has been all consuming. Missed the show last night but just wanted to wish you luck on your Dr. visit.

  5. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Apologize for all the posting. Just afraid with my laptop, that I could lose post again.

    Krazy Batsh*t K’meal is so far down on the totem pole. She’s with the scum. The whole deal where she said that Kyle & her “realtor husband” are beneath/lower than Kelsey or her had me disgusted. Really disgusted. I knew she was a certified b*tch, but still hard to hear someone actually say that sh*t. Yes, I thought of my strega mil when I heard her say that. I cringed. CRINGED.

    WWHL…..I actually thought Kim’s song was fine. However, she still can’t sing on her own. No amount of tea will help. WTH was up with her wig’s bangs being held back by a barrette. Would have looked much better if longer strands of hair were used. Also, her natural hair looks just fine to me. WTH with her wig/hair stylist’s clothes? I know he wants to look like Cher, but he needs to go for another look. If he had Cher’s figure, I’d say go for it. I did like the thigh high boots though.

    Was I the only one freaked out a bit by all the wigs in the background, esp the one on the alien fertility goddess?

    WTH is up with Kim’s “tight ass dancer”? So they’re still together, & she’s NOT with Big Poppa? Did she regret diving into the lady pond? I can’t keep track.

  6. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @4 Dani…..Thanks! 🙂 You are so sweet. I hope you are ok. Did you have an accident, or do you have one of the viruses floating around? I fell down a lot of stairs, and mainly hurt my back. My feet are sore, but mainly back. Of course, bad timing with holidays. My sister’s family has been sick a lot with viruses.

  7. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    More I want to say about HW, but don’t want to be the one with 20 non-stop posts. Maybe 19, but not 20.

    Wildheart and Pixie, I don’t know if I need anymore cranberries, but if you could send me some garlic that would be great. Last night, to my horror, I saw an email from strega. WTH?!?! Not just any email either. Oh, no. This was one with a video. A video with her ugly face telling me/showing me things from a relative that had passed & wanting to know if I wanted anymore of this relative’s items. Of course, she also had to tell me about the lastest book she’s writing & what chapter she’s on. Again, WTH?! (Have you ever seen that Dracula movie with Gary Oldeman (sp) where his face becomes so grotesque that can’t even bare the sight. Ok. Well, that’s what I’m talking about when I saw video with strega. I rather have been in Fakedra’s birthing room. I would have rather sit by her mother than to watch that video.) I wrote strega a note thanking her for items she had sent recently. Fine. Over with. What I want to know, & will ask my sil, how strega got my email address. Oh, and send some stakes while your at it.

    If I’m not able to get back on, found out having unexpected company (that I really do love) as well, then I hope all of you have a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving! Love ya!! xoxo

  8. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    I’m sorry. Forgot to tell you great recap!!

    Again, love y’all and have a Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂 XOXO

  9. G said

    Great recap, love the dueling blogger format.
    I must say I have to call BS on the whole Dr. Love thing. I think it is a storyline that Sheree and Nene hatched up for themselves. Nene giving him the double-take at the card party was a little too fakey for me.
    Phaedra, as always, is making me want to smack her. Did anyone else catch her say “bravarian” cream instead of bavarian cream when she was talking about the food at the mansion? If we are going to ask Dr. Love for his credentials, let’s have Phaedra throw her’s in as well. I have a tough time believing this woman actually passed the Bar exam. And I actually thought she said “gorgeous” when she saw the baby, not gross.

  10. BobLHead said

    TinselKitty, IJS, you beyotches can DELIVER!!!!

    Thanks for keeping us entertained!

  11. Dani said

    Mrs. J – No I haven’t been sick. Work has just been all consuming and have kind of been like the walking dead when I get home. Wiped out so to speak. Sadly I have neglected my HW viewing cuz I keep falling asleep before the episode starts. I have read the blogs on the episodes and pretty much kept up that way. Appreciate this site and the recaps. Miss all the back and forth during the episode though. Shout out to everybody.

    Sorry to hear you fell down the stairs. Glad you didn’t break any bones. Usually the soreness is worse a day or two after the fall. Keep moving though, circulation to the sore areas will help promote healing.

  12. G said

    Uhm, Kim just announced that she is pregnant! God these women can lie well. She was just on WWHL denying she was preggers last night. Looks like she is looking for a Bethenny-esque spin off show. Funny part is that she is saying she is looking it as a golden opportunity for a bidding war, but doesn’t Bravo basically own her ass? There is no way she would be able to cash in with another company.
    Don’t know if I would watch a spin-off show of Kim’s. She irritates the hell out of me.

  13. Dani said

    Hi G – I kind of thought her motives for denying pregnancy rumors were related to looking for the best payoff for the story. Money talks with Kim more than anything. Sad when a human life becomes a bargaining chip.

  14. Oy Vey said

    Hi everyone! Great recap, don’t watch ATL but keep up with the recaps. You guys did a fantastick job! Going back into my drug induced hibernation.
    Have fun!

  15. G said

    Dani, exactly right. Funny though, seeing her on WWHL last night she didn’t look pregnant at all. She definitely had some muffin top action, but her lower stomach was flat. Then all of a sudden you have these pregnancy pics coming out that make her look like she is 5 months along. Hope we don’t have to endure some more due-date drama.
    I also love it when people say the pregnancy wasn’t planned and was a surprise. HELLO? You are a nurse and already have 2 kids, please don’t tell me that you didn’t plan this or didn’t think it could happen.

  16. Mikki12 said

    Great recap Tinselkitty & IJS. Not that I am any lightweight but did anyone notice how fat Phaedra’s mom was? And that nurse at the hospital? I was wondering how they managed to fit in the same room. Yeah, yeah..I’m being really bitchy today. If that freakin’ Kim gives one more person the impression that she has a “nursing degree” I am going to go postal on someone’s azz. Kim is a licensed practical nurse. Yes, she completed the program to become an LPN, usually one year – 18 months. Took her state boards in practical nursing and passed. I congratulate her on this. But I don’t like the way she plays fast and loose with the word “degree.” Kim tries to give the impression that she has a college degree which couldn’t be further from the truth. Anyway, glad to see Apollo in more than 1/2 a scene last night. I still think he’s fine-looking. Hope Sheree ditches that fake doctor. He reminds me of a snake oil salesman. It was nice to see Lisa and Ed again. All in all it was a really good episode last night.

  17. Bryan said

    Kim’s reigning slut crown is still firmly ensconsed on her bewigged cappy.

  18. Bryan, that’s why Derek J is a wigmaster. He sews in the tiaras before the wig goes on. Less accessory malfunction that way.

  19. Daniela said

    WOW, that is the BEST re-cap EVER!! I loved the format…you two did yourselves proud!

  20. Rosie said

    Really good recap Tinselkitty & IJS! Last night’s episode was one of the better ones. Fakedra never ceases to amaze. NeNe was great when she saw the “Dr”, and I loved the women going after him. It was hilarious when Kandi was there to hear the full term diagnoses. I’m wondering how many “big” interviews NeNe will be able to pull off in her new job.

  21. Thanks for Kadooooozzzzeee peeps! I have to say.. it was fun to write and wondering what Tinsle’s response would be. I lmaoooo reading it again.

    I think this was the best episode EVA!!! Too much I left out to recap cause it would of been 10 pages too long and well.. I didnt have enough wine.. 😉

    Nene screaming all the way round the track had me dying.. The card party was incredible. Made Mr man watch it today and thought this was the best reality show he has ever seen. he also said this show should be used to demonstrate why peeps need an education.. lmaoooo

  22. GingerSpice said

    Hey all, I posted on RT today and I will try to summarize it. Phaedra was worried about 2 things (her mother and father). She is a PK (preacher’s kid) and no one online, in America, on any talkshow anywhere in the world could outdue what her parents would put her through if the world or congregation knew that she was already pregnant when she walked down the aisle. My mother can still shake up a room and instill fear in my friends and she is 77. I won’t say this does not exist in other nationalities but have you ever heard jokes about Black mothers (many are created from truth). I am willing to bet that people can stop with the theories, medical stories and timelines this was about saving face in front of her parents congregations (they are both preachers) and that is much more important, powerful and lingering then anything anyone might say, think or do. Of course most of us can do simple math but drastic matters call for drastic measures and they are not always thought out very well. I am willing to bet that Phaedra was not expecting so many people to be interested in the exact time, date, place and position in which she made her baby and I must say it has been a bit much. I would rather hear Lawrence sing. Let the church say AMEN.

  23. Ginger.. I have no doubt this was to save face in regards to her parents.. but the stupid lies and lies and lies are the best form of entertainment for us.. It gives me something to blog about.. 😉

  24. GingerSpice said

    I know but I want to get to the stuff with Sheree and everyone else. I would hate for the entire season to revolve around her miscounting 9 months. Please carry on, u know that I would never try to stop the conversation

  25. LWoo said

    @ 22: GingerTee??? Please tell me it’s you?!?!? GingerTee, is that you?!?!? *jumping up and down*

    My thing is this: if Overgrown Brat Doll didn’t want to get preggy before marriage, then maybe they should’ve used protection while she was doing the nasty with sexy Apollo.

    This is MORE reason for me to believe that she forced him into marriage because she was pregnant. I think he was just having a good time and oops! Shotgun wedding, indeed!

  26. BobLHead said

    It is LWoo, it is….the wonderful GingerTee!

  27. LWoo said

    I’m so happy!!! GingerTee is here!!!! 😀

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