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Does Anyone in Atlanta Know How to Estimate Conception?

Posted by tinselkitty on November 22, 2010

Seriously, Kim, Try Googling Pregnancy Calculator Instead

In a magnificently stunning move, which none of us, not a single, solitary one of us, saw coming (also probably how Kim ended up in this condition…bazinga) Kim Zolciak has announced she’s pregnant.

This picture, featured on this week’s cover of Life and Style magazine, tells me that there is either a serious mathematical deficiency around the greater Atlanta metropolitan area or some kind of toxic chemical has leeched into the public vodka supply.  Kim confirms that she is three months pregnant.  Now take a look up there at that belly.  Now look back at me.  Look at the belly.  Look back at me.  Is that what three months pregnant looks like?  This is not what I remember three months pregnant looking like.  Maybe five months.  Or Kim’s pooching her belly out to make sure she gets top dollar for the images.  Nah.

Brielle is said to be very upset with this news and has already barricaded herself within her 2,000 square foot fortress, screaming through a mouth full of ice cream that no one will be annexing her living quarters.


14 Responses to “Does Anyone in Atlanta Know How to Estimate Conception?”

  1. Thedesigndiva said

    PREGNANT !!!! WTF….yea right…I fell asleep AGAIN and didnt get to watch the whole thing BUT…on WWHL Kim seemed to me to be off kilter….I am thinking that maybe ?? she isnt pregos anymore…maybe she was at the time of the photo shoot BUT last night she seemed …well um OFF…and that S.I.N.G.I.N.G… yea right..she held that mic so close to her mouth so you couldnt see that she was lip synching AGAIN…BUT when the camera did a side shot you could plainly see that ONCE again she was MOUTHING the words…
    and if she is indeed still can bet dollars to donuts she is going to hit up BRAVO for her own spin off show…The Baller and the HO do Hotlanta…tramp style…Maybe she will have the same saga as fakedra did during her gestation…
    and that baby…Was he not the CUTEST little thing !!!!So HAPPY AND GLAD that he is fair skinned…I know that has to be a bone of contention with Ms Fakedra….wonder how many NOT KNOWING folks will ask her whose baby he is when she is shopping at the local wally world..OMG.. did I just say that !!!! in Erkels finest voice !!!!
    Off to strean clean the area rug and furniture…so much for having a day OFF WORK….wink wink
    Hugs and Peace

  2. KurlyHairedB said

    OMG, I saw this earlier and couldn’t believe that the wigged wonder is knocked up. Couldn’t wait to get home to see what was being said on here. Guess that I am the only one that got home early. She looks way further along then 3 months, maybe she is using Phaedras pregnancy calendar.

  3. BobLHead said

    I still say she’s not preggers…..tranny’s can’t GET preggers!

  4. Rosie said

    Lol Tinselkitty! It looked like she had a couple of rolls in the mid-section last night, but Kim has always been a big girl, so I didn’t think much about it! I was surprised today. Is this guy crazy?

  5. KurlyHairedB, I think everyone else is just so stunned, stunned I say, by the news. It was just so unexpected!

  6. G said

    @Rosie, I thought the same thing, thought she was just rocking the muffin-top. I guess the dead giveaway should have been the fact that she was drinking tea instead of wine. I wonder what kind of DT’s she went into went she had to stop her daily wine intake.

  7. Rosie said

    @5. G

  8. Andy’s blog said she spit out gum right before they went on the air, too. Do you suppose she’s stopped smoking, too? That poor kid’s gonna still be detoxing at it’s third birthday party.

  9. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi everyone! Taking a quick break. Last night on WWHL, didn’t Kim deny that she was pregnant when Andy (or viewer) asked her if she was pregnant? She seemed so shocked that anyone would think such a thing. OMG! No wine. No cigs.

    @7 Tinselkitty….Hi! LMAO!!

  10. Bryan said

    Can you imagine being this tranny’s OBGYN!?!?!?!?

  11. LWoo said

    OMG. A guy with money who isn’t attached. Kim hit the jackpot! No wonder she got pregnant by this dude; but they haven’t known one another for long, so this is kinda strange. We know it’s not going to work out, then she’s really going to have some dough!

  12. Bryan said

    You know it Woo, I’m waiting for this dude to get tired of her.

  13. LWoo said

    It’s only a matter of time….

    3 months, my li’l ass! lol

  14. reality is not real said

    ther should be a law that some people should not be allowed to procreate,,and this goober lookin baller..when he is on the road,,um,,bet he’ll be cheating,,,the guy was probably in shock that a woman paidattention to her,,,I thought at one point she said she was 27 ,,then 32…very hard to believe,,,I’m 27 and she looks ages older…

    lol…Lwoo,,,lmao G..Dt’s til 3rd bday,,,but seriously,,poor baby,,,

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