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Real Housewives of Atlanta Tonight!

Posted by tinselkitty on November 21, 2010

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Thinking caps on and pencils up, it’s time to study up on Dr. Tiy-E so we can all keep up with the accusations that are supposed to be flying tonight.  We’ve gone where you don’t want to: faux-doc’s web site.  Turns out he’s got a purpose and everything.  Know what else he’s got over there?  Poetry.  No kidding, it’s in the love room.  As I refuse to perpetuate this kind of art, you’re going to have to go over there and look at it for yourself.  I’m not copy/pasting that drivel anywhere.


Blame It On the Rain

Dr. Tiy-E Muhammad, also known as “The Love Doctor,” is the quintessential “Renaissance Man.” A Life Coach, Sex Therapist, Author, Playwright, Radio/Television Personality, Dancer, Educator, and Athlete, Dr. Tiy-E’s energy is infectious. Whether he’s in the classroom, on stage or in the studio, Dr. Tiy-E is on a mission to encourage others to find peace and love by establishing & sustaining healthy relationships. 

It was Dr. Tiy-E’s desire to help others that initiated his move to Los Angeles. Once in Tinseltown, he immediately got to work.

Most recently, Dr. Tiy-E was a Life-Coach on MTV’s Emmy award winning show “MADE,” (Ladies man-Alex).  During the show, Dr. Tiy-E used his life-coaching skills to turn a nerdy video-game fanatic into a mature, suave, and confident gentleman.

He’s also been seen ‘tellin’ it like it is’ on the “Greg Behrendt Show,” helping women ‘Get their Sexy Back,’ and sharing his “Love Commandments.” Dr. Tiy-E has given “The Definition of Love” and the “Importance of Good Relationships” on various radio stations across the country, and was featured in the BET Specials: “Meet the Faith” with Dr. Ian Smith and “Marriage in the Black Community- Myth or Reality.” Dr. Tiy-E also set the record straight on “What You Should and Shouldn’t Tell Your Mate” in Upscale Magazine.

Dr. Tiy-E has also taken his message of love and healthy relationships to his hometown of Chicago, making appearances at the “House of Blues” and “Good Morning Chicago,” on WGN.

In addition to giving out relationship advice, Dr. Tiy-E finds joy in Chicago Steppin’. It’s a dance form that he’s found to be a perfect release after a stressful week, and a great way to bring couples together. In his spirit of giving, it wasn’t enough for him to just learn the art of “Steppin,'” he also wanted to share the fun with others. In 2006, Dr. Tiy-E co-founded “1- Step Above,” an organization that provides Steppin’ lessons and hosts Steppin’ events. (

When he’s not on the dance floor, Dr. Tiy-E Muhammad pushes his physical limits outdoors. Proving he can accomplish whatever he wants, Dr. Tiy-E trained for and completed his first marathon in LA in March 2007. It was his proudest accomplishment to date. Right now, he’s training for his 6th marathon.

Prior to moving to LA, Dr. Tiy-E lived in Atlanta where he co-hosted a weekly relationship call-in show on Hot 107.9 FM.  Drawn to the field of education, he decided to teach at both Morris Brown College and Clark Atlanta University and hosted relationship seminars for various organizations, universities and churches.

In 2004, he stepped out on faith and resigned from his position as a Professor of Psychology at Clark Atlanta, to pursue a career in television and film. His television breakthrough came in 2002, when Dr. Tiy-E was asked to serve as Resident Relationship Expert for “The Ricki Lake Show.”  His “no-holds barred” advice captivated audiences and saved hundreds of relationships. Dr. Tiy-E has a holistic approach to therapy, based on the principle, “One Love, One Life, One God.”

In 2005 Dr. Tiy-E became the first black professor on the TBS reality series, “The Real Gilligan’s Island.” His success on the show inspired him to produce a play based on his best-selling book, “Secrets Men Keep.” The play was an immediate hit; it played to sold out audiences during its run at Atlanta’s Civic Center.

Dr. Tiy-E has been featured as a relationship expert in Cosmopolitan, Essence, Jet and Ebony Magazines, and was named one of Ebony’s “Most Eligible Bachelors.”

Dr. Tiy-E is also a poet, in that role he has warmed up the mic for major recording artists like Eric Benet and Angie Stone, and even recorded his own CD, “Ladies in Paradise,” a collection of 13 original love poems set to music that ranges from soulful to seductive. To sample his CD, head to the home page and click on “Love & Faith.”

Dr. Tiy-E is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., and a member of the Prince Hall affiliated Masons. In 1999, Dr. Tiy-E started Man II Man Development, Inc., a community-organization dedicated to uplifting, motivating and educating inner city youth. He also founded Men Against Molestation (M.A.M.) in 2003. For more information on how to request Dr. Tiy-E to conduct a workshop or seminar, please head to the home page and click on “Media Kit.”

Dr. Tiy-E Muhammad’s books, “Secrets Men Keep,” and “My Mind, My Body, My Spirit,” are available on his website,


11 Responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Tonight!”

  1. LWoo said

    LMAO @ that picture with the caption ‘Blame It On The Rain!!’ I’m not feeling well, so I’m hitting the sack early tonight. But I’m DVR’ing it and WWHL. I’ll watch it tomorrow after work.

    UGH, it’s going to be hard to NOT look at the Recap! LOL 🙂

  2. Rosie said

    Hi LWoo! Hope you get well soon! Atlanta should be good tonight.

  3. Mikki12 said

    Can’t wait to see Atlanta tonight! But now it’s time for my other show. I’ll be back….

  4. Rosie said

    Boardwalk empire Mikki? Me too. See you at 10:00.

  5. You go Kim, whip that brain out and use it! Why do you keep acting so dumb? C’mon, Kim, give us some more to love.

  6. Damn, Bravo, it’s already a quarter till and we have yet to see Nene getting all expose-your-ass on Dr. Tiy-E. If this episode ends with just a teaser till next week I’m gonna be pissed.

  7. All this time Phaedra thought the baby was crawling his way out of her vagina and it turns out he was actually trying to climb back up further! He must have heard mom talking about all the beatings that were going to happen.

  8. Bryan said

    He can blow me!

  9. Bryan said

    Oh Please local Craplanta TV, NENE is probably the biggest name working there!

  10. Oh, the irony of Sheree saying she’s a fashion designer and then finding out later that doctor love isn’t a real doctor. If it’s good for the goose it’s good for the gander.

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