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American Idol Changes to Thursdays!!!!!

Posted by tvtime101 on November 21, 2010

Ok…. So, this season we have NO Simon, a diva, a legendary rock star… and… they move to Thursdays???????  Are they out of their mind?   They rocked the Tuesday/Wednesday timeslot for a reason; they are the number one show for those nights.

Now that they are going to be competing with an already jam packed Thursday night, who’s to say that they will be number one?  There are so many shows on Thursday night between CBS, NBC, ABC, and CW (not to mention Bravo and other cable networks).  Will you be tuning in or DVR it (assuming you have room left on your dvr for it.)

Or is this just an easy exit and make it the last season.  Arguably, there is no Simon or wacky Paula.  Maybe they are putting it up against stiff competition to possibly fail and give an easy exit to the show stating the ratings were poor and the producers decided not to renew it.

What do you think????????


One Response to “American Idol Changes to Thursdays!!!!!”

  1. Fleur said

    I haven’t watched this one since the second season and I’d be willing to bet this is their last. I could only take so much of Paula Abdul’s incoherent, nonsensical ramblings. She was the Kelly Kilorean Bensimon of Fox. Flipping nuts!

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