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In Which I Admit I Was Wrong

Posted by tinselkitty on November 19, 2010

I Used to Think Jake Gyllenhaal Was Not Hot

Clearly, I was wrong.


6 Responses to “In Which I Admit I Was Wrong”

  1. BobLHead said


  2. Daniela said

    tinselkitty, you are someone I can respect. To admit you were wrong speaks volumes. He is freakin hot!!

  3. Dani said

    He is one of those guys who gets better looking the older he gets and I appreciate the fact that he keeps in shape.

  4. BobLHead said

    Yo Dani! I’m in shape! Round is a shape….right?

  5. Dani said

    Hi BobL – You got me on that one. But look at him. He’s hunky. The only problem w/said above picture is that Anne needs to step away from the Gyllenhaal. She is blocking the view.

  6. Fleur said

    Jake is hot,
    Anne is not!

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