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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “The Art Of War” Preview

Posted by ImaJustSaying on November 18, 2010

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Tonight is a new episode of Beverly Hills and we left off last week with the Camille/Kyle drama and Taylor telling Kim she wants to take her out back and get “Oklahoma on her ass”.

I was wondering how did Taylor and Kim end up going at it when it really was not their issue.  Also, it appeared due to Bravo’s editing as if Camille just kept harping on the issue and after making up with Kyle’s apology which included a backhanded insult “Insecure”, we find out through Taylor’s Bravo Blog that she was the one who stirred the pot after the two women decided to let it go.

 “I was hoping the discussion that occurred behind closed doors in my suite would be enough to put the issue to rest. But, the magic word “insecure” seemed to be our Achilles’ heel. As Camille and I were freshening up after our long flight to NYC, I told her how odd I found Kim’s questioning of me in the airport. As soon as I said Kim had asked me if she was “insecure,” things went south. Unbeknownst to me, this was the last word Camille heard from Kyle before the ladies left my room.”

In the preview above, we see Kyle is upset with Kim over Kim “not having her back” during the Camille issue?  Hmm.. well we get to watch tonight if Kyle has Kim’s back as Taylor threatens to kick Kim’s ass. 

I don’t have the most popular opinion on Kyle, but I feel she is really mean to her sister.  She berates her sister on a weekly basis and I have no idea why.  We have seen Kyle berate Kim in front of her children, ask Kim’s children for an opinion of her mother IN FRONT OF KIM AND THE CAMERA’S!!  We have seen Kyle announce to a large dinner party that Kim cannot be responsible to select her own dates since she is not a person who can judge character.  Isnt that an insult to Kim’s children and their fathers?

If I was on a reality show with my sister, I would do a Caroline of NJ and be thick as thieves!  Kyle has suggested on more than one occasion that Kim is fragile, doesn’t have the ability to make appropriate choices, uses her kids and other countless things.  If that really is the case, why would you convince your sister to go on a reality show and then expose her like that?  Kyle has said her mother had asked her to watch over her sister before she passed, and I can only think her mother is now rolling over in her grave.

Well, lets see how Kyle treats Kim tonight and I am sure I won’t be disappointed in my opinion of Kyle further validated.

It has been reported that both Kyle and Kim have said their relationship is strained due to the show so I don’t think its an act for ratings.

Hey!!  I’m Just Saying!!!



66 Responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “The Art Of War” Preview”

  1. BobLHead said

    I’ll give you an A.

    And Kim, conflict doesn’t MAKE you crazy…you ARE crazy!

  2. Oy Vey said

    OK you passed the test, you may now advance a grade.

  3. Daniela said

    IJS: I agree as far as the sister thing goes! “Never go against the family, Fredo!”
    I think you would be of a different opinion if you read “The House of Hilton,” by Jerry Oppenheimer. Mama (Big Kathy) Avenzino Richardson was a piece of work. It will put things in perspective for you.
    BTW…its available on Kindle! 🙂

  4. KurlyHairedB said

    “Fredo, you’re my older brother, and I love you. But don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family again. Ever.”

    and my all time favorite:

    “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.”

  5. Pixie said

    Great job, IJS! Hmmmm, wonder why Taylor and Kim, who had nothing to do with Kim’s and Camille’s argument, would become embroiled in the the middle of this storm? Might it have anything to do with them being famewhores?

    I think it’s so sad and yet a tad endearing that Kim practically has to wipe the saliva off her chin when she speaks of her “child star” days. Is that what all of us women who gave up on a few dreams to have kids have been relegated to? Looking like a slobbering puppy mentally reliving glory days? Excuse me while I have another bottle of vodka.

  6. Pixie said

    Before my brain gets completely pickled, did anyone else notice that Chicago’s post about the bad link and the hacking situation was deleted by RT? Wonder why that comment was worthy of deletion. Hoping someone can shed light on that.

    • I dont see any reason that Chicago’s comment should be deleted since it may be informative but I do see RT not wanting peeps to think anything on her site could be hacked even by a link on their name. Silly to me cause nothing is really impenatratable.

  7. Bryan said

    When someone mention’s Chicago, all I can think of is the Pizza and the really good Polish Food, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

  8. Bryan said

    I look on my twitter and there are two twats from some dick called Erictallica, Who the fuck is this prick!?!?! I never followed this asshat, so I unfollwed him, this is just some clown, Fucking twitter they auto followed me to this doof

    too annoying!

  9. Late to the party but I’m here now. I had a good day and am ready to give the tv the stinkeye.

  10. No, IJS, tonight is Beverly Hills, not Atlanta. If it was Sunday then yeah, I’d totally be tardy. Don’t believe me? Google me!

  11. Hey, I actually did google me and I’m third on the page! Some other chick is squatting on my name on twitter so now I’m going to have to find her and “convince” her to return my name. Who cares that she had it first.

  12. Rosie said

    Hi everyone! Been out of the loop for a few days! Just made it for the HW’s tonight!

  13. Holy hell if Camille’s little girl voice isn’t slowly killing me.

  14. wildheart said

    Machiavellic? Really, Camean? What a freakin’ moron! Taylor is another rocket scientist. Hello, ducklips,you’re being filmed so if you lie, YOU ARE GOING TO GET CAUGHT!

  15. Bryan said

    Kyle should have blown the fuck out of there and went back to LA, Fucking Kelsey Grammer, stick to sit-coms. Well she should have beat the crap out of Camille and then flown home and talk to the sister, don’t leave that un-done

  16. Bryan said

    Wildheart, you caught that too, Machiavellic, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Rosie said

    I still really like Lisa!

  18. Bryan said

    Taylor with the face only another Carp could love.

  19. Bryan said

    Poor Lisa, I felt her headache over this whole mess.

  20. Rosie said

    IJS.. Hi. It means Evil.

    • Thanks Rosie! It is another language? I am a wordsmith.. (or so I have been told) but havent heard this one before.. Camille must of come across this word in a script she read somewhere.. lol

  21. Bryan said

    Why do they have a Jar of Honey next to Patti in her Millionaire crapfest commercials

  22. Bryan said

    She meant Machiavellian

  23. Pixie said

    Okay, finally lucid enough to read the closed captiions cuz I can’t understand WTF Camille says half the time.
    Why does Kyle look so much better than Kim when there is only a few years difference? Does being a “child star” cause one to age at an accelerated rate?
    @26 Bryan: LMAO!
    Hi, Rosie!
    @12 IJS: I had Fresca and vodka coming out of my nose when I read that!

  24. wildheart said

    @ijs-machia ellic doesn’t mean anything except in camean’s pea brain. If you woulsd like to know what people with brains would say, follow Bryan’s link! Yeah Bryan,I caught what that idiot said. Face only another carp could love…LMAO!!

  25. Ok now in blog mode in lieu of admin mode.. I can now see the link..

  26. Ok I am on a delay since I paused the show so many times.. but CHRIST ON A CRACKA!!! Camille is so narcissistic that someone needs to anaylze her chit!!!! Funny how new money changes a person into.. Its all about me, everyone is jealous of me, ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!!

    It is seriously not a good look… FUGLY!!!

  27. wildheart said

    I have someone in mind but he’s still behind bars?? Gee’

  28. Wow looked how fast Kelsey shooed out Camille out of the dressing room.. I bet he had his lady in waiting nearby.. LORD HAVE MERCY!!!

  29. Damn, IJS be stealin’ my sayin’s.

  30. OMG!!! Lisa wants to introduce someone to Kim who is currently behind bars!!!!! LMAFAOOOO!!!

  31. Tinsel. I own everything.. I am in charge and your just jealous of me and all my glory and I would be EVERYTHING without tvtime. Dont mess wit me woman or I will git all Jersey on your azz out back at the night club..

  32. wildheart said

    ok,hit post before I meant to. Gee, Lisa, thanks so much for thinking of setting me up with someone behind bars. Someone tells camean Kelsey sings well and she says thanks as though she was on stage? It just gets better and better! OK , who thinks Camean knows what “pernicious” means? Let’s take a vote!

  33. Don’t be threatening me, chickenfarker! I will totally not post a recap if you get all Jersey.

    • Girl (tinsel) You will do as I say because I am married to a very impotent person that your lively hood depends on!!! Fart some more glitter.. it smells better than your jealousy of me.. I am the queen and you must bow down while sprinklin all ur glitter dust and while your at it.. CLEAN UP THE HOUSE!!!

  34. Camille.. really?? pecking order?? what does that make you now that your not pecking his pecker anymore??

    What does that say for the new Kelsey’s new peckering mistriss?

  35. Pixie said

    Wow, just noticed that when Camille went backstage all turned on by Kelsey’s performance, he barely pecked her on the lips. He definitely pulled away first.

    Oh, I feel like a cocktail fraud so I gotta come clean. I stole the vodka/fresca combo from Annah.

  36. BondGirl said

    Hello All!!! What an episode? Camille is a straight up beotch!! She wants Kyle to kiss her ass like those lap dogs she calls friends because they by real estate from Mauricio. And Kyle is not the one…..too bad Camille…you no longer get to make that call …since you have become the EX!!!

    And Kelsey definitely kicked her out of the dressing room. That was a total brush off if I have ever seen one. He was cold…..she kept trying to hang around and he was like ….see ya!!! Where is Nick’s stupid wife? She better call Eva Longoria and get some notes….there is something cooking with her hubby and Camille….I mean the way she looks at him….man, I would have put her in her place a long time ago…..

    Okay couple of observastions……in the limo ride when they were discussing potential dates for Kim….did I hear Lisa correctly when she said she had just the right person in mind who may still be in jail? IDL….she is so funny.

    I loved her ensemble for the show….she was stunning….Lisa that is. I also like the emerald earrings that Kyle wore…..

    I really thought Kim was a coward at the table for not at least just stating what she did hear whether it implicated Kyle or not…..I would never have done that to me sister.

    And Taylor did tell Camille about the insecurity talk on the flight to NYC by all the women…..and I thin that is what Kim wanted to say…..

    Why do I think that Taylor and Russell’s daughter is going to be hell on wheels?

    Mauricio is VERY hawt….lucky you Kyle…lol. Love the fact that they are both very hands on with their girls.

    Was that Adrienne’s wedding gown framed in the hallway of her home? Pretty……more later…lol

    Very good recap IJS by btw…..

  37. Pixie said

    Wow, Kelsey seems so nice. Did he get liquored up so he could deal with Camille or was he sober?

  38. Pixie said

    IJS, that was bad. Maybe Camille will take up drinking after that humiliation. Even though I think Camille wreaks of bad energy, I felt sad for her. Then I think of Nick and –poof–she’s a slut bitch again.

    Good post, bondgirl!

  39. Ok I dont know cause I wasnt there.. but who doesnt come to the defense of someone (specially a family member) out of outright indignant kind.. I suspect Kyle is not being truthful. their may be a midway point of the argument.. but I dont think Camille regardless of her crazy just pulled this out of her ass. I think kim is being reserved in her comments due to Kyle probaly saying something on the side or in her ear.. and Kim doesnt know how to differentiate.

    We have seen Kyles one on one interviews and she was railing against Camille from the beginning. Also on her sister as well. I am not saying Camille is worth supporting.. but in the beginning.. Camille didnt have many reason for us to yet call her out.. Hey just sayin!!

  40. BondGirl said

    Hey Pixie!! Thanks….boy I can’t wait for the reunion….I almost want to FF through the rest of the episodes…

  41. G said

    Just finished watching. Anyone notice that Camille has a very difficult time looking anyone in the eye, even the camera, when she is selling her BS? Mark of a true liar. I think Kyle, Kim and Lisa hit it on the head when they mentioned her being insecure. I think Camille is very insecure when anyone talks about her and Kelsey. I think she knew at that time that her marriage was going right down the toilet. Kelsey obviously didn’t want his wife anywhere near him, especially not in the same zip code.
    Also, If I were Nick’s wife I would cut off his balls and stuff them down CamCam’s throat. Wow, way too graphic, apologies.
    The BH ladies are becoming more interesting, now if I could just have someone pull someone’s hair or flip a table and I would be happy.

  42. G said

    @IJS, I agree, it seems weird that Kim didn’t stand up for her. But it doesn’t make sense that Kyle would even say that. I think she probably said something along the lines of “why would you go to Hawaii without Kelsey?” thinking that she would never take her kids to Hawaii without her husband. I also think that Camille is one of those classic crazies who love drama and attention. She causes the drama and then sits back and accuses people of either being jealous or attacking her. KrazyK has that maneuver down pat, and Camille is looking more like her everyday. Both are probably sitting back eating unicorn on crackers as we speak trying to find their “happy” place.

  43. Ok so I saw the show.. Kyle wanted Kim to stick up for her.. (I think there is more to story that Kim wont devulge) and now Taylor says in Oklahoma words.. she is gonna kick Kims ass but Kyle doesnt stick up for Kim.. HELLLOOO!!!!

  44. Good lord, woman, catch up!

  45. WOW!! surround yourself arond alot of peeps who are gonna kiss your ass and hand feed you grapes and have eunnuchs wave the fans all round you, make you think you are royalty.. DELUSIONAL is a real word..

  46. Fleur said

    Loved the Recap tonight! GREAT job and GREAT snark y’all. 🙂 I’ve got to channel our beloved and very much missed Dyana here… HOLY FREAKIN’ CANNOLI!I wanted to bitch slap Camille but Kelsey did it for me with his total rejection of her on national television. My favorite part of the whole night! I’ll bet Kelsey’s been aware for a long time that’s she’s been cheating with Nick and I have ZERO sympathy for her. I wish Kelsey a lifetime of happiness with his new Chickaleeta. I didn’t like Kim before and I like her a hell of a lot less now that she’s shown NO loyalty to her sister and no backbone. Kim’s a black cloud on the happy little parade of life. I feel the same way about Ducklips too. She’s awful. I know this isn’t a popular opinion; but I actually like Russell and his scenes with Kennedy were sweet and touching. He obviously adores her. Mauricio shirtless was delicious and Ken and Giggy were cute too.

  47. Pixie said

    Wow, Camille reminded me of an eyelidless snake when she was talking about how Kelsey outranked Mauricio. Ain’t karma a pretty, little bitch,

    Interesting take, IJS. I think I still believe Kyle over Camille, only because Kim seems so mentally unstable. I’m not sure if her reaction is the reaction that normal, sane people would have. But you have given me some food for thought. Wonder who Kelly Ripa believes and why. I forgot to tivo WWHL. Duh.

    • Pixie!! I dont necessarily believe Camille over Kyle!! just intersting fact on the sista’s. Also I dont belive Kyle is all innocent in this whole thing. I dont believe she would say that out loud but I would guess she whispered that into in her sisters ear not knowing she was caught. He its just my opinion.. No one has to agree. I dont imagine Kim being so silent if she thought her sister was so wrong.. but then again.. who knows..

  48. Pixie said

    IJS, oh, yes. Different POV’s makes this discussion so much more interesting. Gotta say whenever Kim comes onto the scene, the term “damaged goods” always pops in my mind. Could she have been that traumatized from her “child star” days? And she probably gave it up to have kids cuz she couldn’t get enough gigs. Okay, that was mean.

    Thought it was SO ungracious when Kyle wouldn’t say thanks when Kim gave her (and the other ladies) a bangle. They were so pretty and glittery! Boy, I really felt sorry for Kim.

  49. Bryan said

    Camille is an old hooker!

  50. Bryan said

    Camille can’t seem to keep her stories straight and to say Kyle is jealous, what is there to be jealous of??? and, she is the one going on and on and on to all her hanger-on’s She’s an idiot, she created a big mess. But as we know Karma got her. On the bravo site she is backpeddling and making up explanations as to what she said and did, she is really a wreck.

    Did she forgot that camera’s were in the room when she was telling her stories, she buried herself. Kelsey couldnt get rid of her fast enough after the show, thats because the little girlfriend was waiting in the hallway someplace.

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