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UPDATE – Danielle Staub’s Home Broken Into

Posted by tinselkitty on November 17, 2010

Thanks to my superb mastery of Googlefu, I am bringing this one back up to the top.  I have it on good authority, and by good authority I mean the internet because no one ever puts anything online unless it’s true, that the tour mentioned in the original story was not a house tour.  That was my assumption given the fact that we all know she’s been ordered to sell her house.  You know what happens when you assume.  “Well, tinselkitty, what kind of tour was it?” you ask.  “Let me  tell you,” I say.

It was a bus tour, minions!  A celebrity frikken’ bus tour.  Like, people pay money to have someone drive around and look at celebrities’ homes.  How many things can we find wrong with this?  Let’s break it down, shall we?

  • Not a celebrity.
  • People paid money for this.
  • During a recession.

Original story

“Real Housewife of New Jersey” reality star Danielle Staub has reported that her house was broken into while she was out. Apparently, she had a house tour before, but they do not believe that the tour is linked to the robbery.

Captain Clark of the police department told Radar Online, “There were break-ins at Danielle’s house and two other neighbors. We do not have any evidence that the tour had anything to do with the break-in. This appears to be a random break-in and has nothing to do with the show. We do not have a suspect at this time. Another house had their security system camera ripped off but they did not do that at Danielle’s house.”

Unofficial sources tell us that three hot, teenage boy creatures showed up at the hospital shortly after and were treated for scratches, eye burning, some foul discharge and some rapidly spreading rashes.  One of the boys told our source that they thought the house was empty.  When they broke in and found Danielle sitting on the steps and cooing for them to come closer, they ran out in terror.  Hospital officials notified authorities and the CDC in Atlanta has been dispatched to New Jersey with orders to take down the Biohazard Level 4 threat believed to be at the scene.

And yeah, that’s right, I sure did put that picture all up in your face there.  Searching for Housewives pictures has already begun scorching my soul.  I figured if I had to do it, y’all should have to have a little for yourselves.


15 Responses to “UPDATE – Danielle Staub’s Home Broken Into”

  1. BobLHead said

    And really, how many “celebrities” live in Jersey? Must have been some trashy ass tour…you can see the house that Teresa & Joe ripped off….er, built, the outside of the house where the ham game was invented, a “famous” porn stars house and the smoosh room of Jersey Shore?

    They must be desperate for entertainment in Jersey!!!

  2. mikki12 said

    I read somewhere that there was going to be some bus tour regarding the Jersey housewives. I think it also included lunch at the Brownstone. Maybe someone on the bus tour decided they didn’t get their money’s worth.

  3. BobLHead said

    LOL! I can’t imagine why….who the hell wants to tour Jersey???

  4. BobLHead said

    Yikes….busted! I meant except for where YOU live, of course.

  5. G said

    Wanna hear something sadder? I remember the story about the bus tour a while back. I guess it was so popular that it sold out right away and so they were already planning for more. People actually paid 95 bucks a piece!
    @ Mikki, you are right, it did include lunch at the brownstone and it also included a stop by Poshe.

    Of course, Danielle went on twitter to threaten those who were on the tour saying her house was under surveillance and they should contact the Jersey police (as if they don’t have better things to do.) Really, what in the world would anyone gain from stealing from her house except a STD.

  6. Kate said

    Lots of celebs live in Jersey- Mary J Blige, chris rock for starters

    • Kate.. alot of celebs born in Jersey as well. Its crazy.. and did you notice so many movies are written to be located in NJ? Jersey I think has maybe the #2 top wealth.. not sure about the last one… but something like that… peeps fly into Neward and think that NJ. Its called The Garden State for a reason..

  7. KurlyHairedB said

    My cousins live in Jersey, they are celebrities in their own minds. Remember I told you about the one cousin that had custom made leather leopard print seat covers made for her car.

  8. mikki12 said

    How could you all have forgotten The Boss – Bruce Springsteen or Bon Jovi? Shame, shame….Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Saddle River or Upper Saddle River one of the richest places in the country? Oh, and thanks G. I sort of remembered that tour being 95 bucks. People complain about how crappy the econony is but they’ve got money for this nonsense. You can’t make this stuff up.

    On an entirely different note: my old neighborhood was a featured story on Yahoo! today. Seems the cops ticketed 7 men who play chess in the park. Something about being in the playground area where they’re not allowed. Trouble is that’s where the stone tables and seats are to play chess. Plus, according to the story, there is a fence separating the two areas. Local people were outraged. One resident said “We got drug dealing all over the place but they have time to ticket chess players.” What’s so sad about that statement is that it’s true.

    • Mikki great minds!!!!!! Of course the boss is from NJ, actually raised in Freehold but now lives in Saddle River.. btw.. I just did a post on his skit on Jimmy Fallon last night.. tff just seconds ago!!!!!!

  9. Ha ha, suckas, I Danielle’d yous all twice in one day! Don’t hate the playa, hate the game. And that image above. I love my newfound powers!

  10. BobLHead said

    I stand corrected on the AWESOMENESS that is New Jersey!

    I am humbling myself before the Flying Spaghetti Monster, begging for forgiveness.

  11. BobLHead said

    Except for Patterson….because that’s just trash town! And I know I’m correct because APE is from there….ain’t she? Ain’t I right?

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