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Glee Recap – The Substitute

Posted by ImaJustSaying on November 17, 2010

Hey Gleeks!  This recap is going to be written in the style of the person who narrates what happened on previous episodes “what you missed” and as he speaks really fast, I envision the script doesnt have any pauses or periods in it.  So.. read real fast!

I really thought I would not like this weeks episode because I couldnt picture Gweneth Paltrow fitting into the Glee club but I was actually surprised that yet again I was watching Glee and thoroughly enjoying it as usual as we see Sue Sylvester uses a sick student sneeze on the  principle Figgins and susequently on Mr. Schuester in order to get them both out of the school as sick so she can implement her evil plan of taking over the school which the first thing she implements is a healthy school lunch program which irates Mercedes and interferes with her daily does of tater tots and loses her mind and now the students parents approve of the school program which gets principle Figgins  fired whom she would replace and then personally fire Mr Shuester and replace him with a substitute Holly Holiday (Gweneth Paltrow) which the kids really seem to love and who’s style of teaching is doing what ever the kids want to in order to stay alive in a highschool riddled with bullies and hormones and testosterones that make kids go crazy so now Glee kids are sad to see Mr Shuester go and implore the new principle Sue Sylvester to bring back Mr Shuester while at the same time the new substitute Holly Holiday (Gwenenth Paltrow) is  being held responsible for allowing Mercedes to plug up Sue Sylvesters car’s tail pipe with a buttload of tater tots and now the repair bill is 17,000 buckaroonies which gets the substitue Holly Holiday  (Gweneth Paltrow) fired from the Glee Club and Mr. Shuester reinstated.

And thats what you missed.



11 Responses to “Glee Recap – The Substitute”

  1. BobLHead said

    I’m a Gleek….yep, there, I admit it.

    Now, is there a 12step program for that?

  2. G said

    BobLHead, if there isn’t one, there should be, lol.
    Loved Gwenyth. She can really sing, but I have a feeling that the dancing gene skipped a generation in her family.

  3. KurlyHairedB said

    hey, was just over at the old posting site. Somebody named Chicago was babbling on about what happened with the hacking. I posted a response that my email account was indeed hacked. BTW, they are starting to attack each other over grammatical and spelling mistakes, guess that they are bored, the site reeks of desperation now.

    • KHB I wonder if there is something to what Chicago said. I always hover over a link to see if there is truly a link and always open a new browser and type it in. I can imagine that it could be true.. hmmm

  4. mikki12 said

    @ 2 G: I agree completely. I was surprised at how well Gwyneth sang. Who knew? But the dancing is another story. Did you notice when they did the Nowadays duet from Chicago how they were doing steps that weren’t exactly dancing? More like shuffling across the floor. Compare that to Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellwegger in the movie. Now that was dancing!

  5. wildheart said

    @3 khb- thanks for the update on the other place. I’m glad and I hope they all turn on each other and the whole thing implores! LOL

    • Wildheart.. I have a theory on them turning on each other. I think a virus will infect the commentators.. One infected person will bite another commentator. They become Brain Eating Zombies and start to eat each other and it spreads AND SPREADS!!!!! Soon it will be full anarchy and the end of the verld. A few defective peeps will be hiddin in the hills hiding from the inhumanity and take refuge in a blog.. wow. sound plausable..

  6. wildheart said

    Whoops, talk about off topic! I loved the recap …awesome! Gwynneth did a great job and while she isn’t a great dancer, I enjoyed her performance as it looked like she was having fun.

    • Wildheart did you read it fast all in one breath?? I tried to mimic the guy who does the intro into the new show.. lol I was surprised Gweneth who now I realized I spelled so wrong.. did a great job at singing!!! I did see her in ‘Duets’ and thought she did a good job in that movie as well.. but the Glee performance was really great.. yep.. minus the dancing..

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