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Finally, the Perfect Delivery of the Abstinence Message

Posted by tinselkitty on November 17, 2010

Quick, name two of the most abstinent people you know.  Doesn’t matter why they’re abstinent or if they are abstinent for their own reasons or just ’cause no one wants to bump that ugly, whatever.  Do you have them in mind now?  Are they…

Bristol Palin and The Situation?  What, you don’t take your abstinence advice from an unwed teenage momma and Jersey’s Shore’s self-proclaimed shagmeister extraordinaire?  It’s still a recession, people, so you need to be grateful to get any advice at all.  So you just sit yourself down in a comfy chair and check out this magnificent guide to abstinence.  On the plus side, I had absolutely no desire for sex after seeing it so it does seem to work on some level.  No hiding your face behind your hands, either.


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