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‘Weeds” Season 6 Finale: Theoretical Love Is Not Dead

Posted by ImaJustSaying on November 16, 2010

I am in deep shit now


Poor Nancy.  She is always in a pickle and always a plan  ‘C’  ahead of her game. 

Nancy gets kidnapped by her babydaddy Esteban which she fled from since her son Shane murdered his boss with a croquet mallet and she panicked.  I have to say the kid has skillz since he is like 15 and swift with the swing.  She was already walking on a thin line being married to a drug lord who is also a crooked Mexican politician.  She has been on the run the entire season discovering new ways to transform the ganja into hash, ruining laundry mat dryers in the effort to convert maryjane material into the ol hashish all the sake of supporting her growing brood and Bob Marley is now pouncing on my brain.

Nancy is working hard to get her and her clan out of the country to escape the  federal warrant for her arrest in suspicion of the murder.  Now Nancy has run into a reporter who wants the deets to make his career and only waves the green leafs under her nose for a good whiff which she envisions how she can to buy passports to leave the country.  She eventually decides to sell her soul to the devil to get the hell out and now she has money for the passports that Andy has secured as long as he kills a prospective suitor to a daughter to the passport guy and now he wants proof of the death with the presentation of the prospective suitors penis.  I am now wondering if it should be presented on a platter with one of those silver domes with a butler who carefully and swiftfully removes the dome and make the announcement.

You would think presenting any stiff’s penis would be proof enough..since Andy went to a morgue to buy a penis from a stiff with the guy who was has the bounty on his head.  But some how the guy who put out the hit out had some prior knowledge of to:  size, weight, color, leaning, arc and shape that he did not fall for a random stiff’s penis.  No pun intended.

 Nancy of course saves the day to spring her newfound money for giving up the deets to Esteban and scored to pay off the debts.  Passports secured with Plan A, B, and C.

At this particular time, Silas finds out that his deceased father is not really his father and met the real father in his mothers hometown and made the conclusion based on a resemblance and the fact that this was his mothers high school sweetheart.  Shane steals some DNA to prove it and now Silas finally has a reason to eject himself from the crazy and wants Sunday dinners and quality time. 

Back to Nancy.. Esteban finally finds her and she is nabbed while her family thinks she is going to meet them at the airport by which Nancy’s high school teacher whom she had spanky time with he had bought the plane tickets.  The naughty professor is played by Richard Dreyfuss and I was much pleased to see him played by a spanky time big bellied ol geezer who still has a hankering for Nancy while stealing from his employer the Post Office.  How did he steal?  He was paid as a civil servant and just stashed the mail in a spare room in his house while he shopped via ‘The Sky Mall’.  Turns out the guy Andy was supposed to kill found a letter that he was accepted into college and wondered if his life would be different.  LOL!!

Everyone goes to the airport sans Nancy since they don’t know she is stuffed into a trunk of a car and they proceed to check in and go through customs quite nicely. 

Nancy is dragged to the airport by Esteban so he may find his infant child and kill Nancy for her indiscretions and somehow is detained by TSA due to him wanting to board the same scheduled flight which no seats where available then just asked to board ANY flight with endless amounts of cash in order to pass TSA and nab his kid,  and Nancy gets away to meet up with her family at the gate. 

She then decides to make sure they all board the flight but realizes Silas is not with them so she will stay behind and lo and behold.. some how Esteban appears with Silas as a threat and she trades herself and baby for Silas..  She is such an awesome mom and no one gives her mother of the year.. I will take a full page ad in the NYTIMES!! 

We finally see some mothering skillz from Nancy and she ensures both her boys, Andy and the crazy high school teacher is aboard the plane and she appears ready to turn over her baby to the baby daddy and take her punishment.  DEATH!!

At this point I am thinking the season finale is over and it will be a cliff hanger scenario,  how will Nancy be tortured?  Will she die a slow death?  Will she be pimped out for happy slappy times? Or will she die in a mexican gas chamber?

Where is Mc Gruber When I need him
Nancy implemented Plan ‘C’ and had the feds waiting for her outside the entrance of the airport with her chest swaddling her baby with the perps flanked and she waved the white flag.  
“End Scene”  (with a devout bow)

One Response to “‘Weeds” Season 6 Finale: Theoretical Love Is Not Dead”

  1. Thedesigndiva said

    OH THANK GOD I CAN READ THE RECAPS….I so LLLLOOOOVVVEEEE this show, but after the move I can no longer afford to have HBO or Showtime…SO no more weeds, tudors, BIG LOVE , DEXTER…I am so heartbroken…crap crap triple crap……..
    So as you can guess I WILL be an avid reader of this one FER SHORE…..

    Keep em coming

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