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Raising Hope: Blue Dots!

Posted by tvtime101 on November 16, 2010

This week, we start with the babysitter singing a song about the dogs barking (quite cute) when Hope goes in.  Virginia asks Shelley where the other kids are and she says they went to school.  So it’s just Hope and the dogs.  Just then, Hope is eating out of a dog bowl.  So later at dinner, Hope starts barking at the doorbell and they realize it’s time for a day care center.

So they are walking around the daycare, and his dad goes… look at all those fancy guys that went here, and his mom goes those are the presidents!  Now there are a bunch of parents fighting for a scholarship for daycare to a private school when sex offenders come up.  So they learn how to find sex offenders and it turns out, there’s one that lives by them…..   he’s on their block, as they zooming in on the location, a picture of their home appears on the screen and it turns out its Burt!!!

After realizing how Burt is the sex offender, Jimmy realizes that Hope won’t get into school with  “the blue dot” on their house (identifying sex offender).  So, they decide to hire a lawyer to sponge the event from his record.  So, because his sex offender registration is in arrears, he must go door to door identifying himself as a sexual offender to avoid a harsher sentence.

So he goes door to door finding interesting ways to tell his neighbors that he’s a sex offender, but not before a “buxom beauty” beats him up and staples his back.

So, to avoid cleaning up a broken glass, Cloris, “Maw Maw” comes to the court house with them.  Burt was in luck, because they overturned his blue dot.  Just then a bunch of kids come running out screaming that old lady took her shirt off.  Burt and Virginia turn the coroner to find Maw Maw topless, and the blue dot back on their house.

So, the lawyer is getting Maw Maw out of “the blue dot” because she isn’t all there, she just has to do 12 hours of community service.  Virginia says “She can’t even get toilet paper in the toilet, how is she going to get trash in the trash”, so the lawyer suggest that “someone” do her community service, so Virginia makes that face, because she knows it will be her.  Just then Maw Maw says thank you for having me here Johnny, and waves like she’s on Johnny Carson.

So, the next morning, we come to find that Virginia is drinking a my sized bottle of coffee and MUST pee.  They stop at a gas station and the guy won’t let her pee, so she takes her empty coffee can and takes it around back to pee… just as she pees, the cops are there… Arrested for indecent exposure…. sex offender list here she comes.  So Jimmy is panicked… he goes, who’s gonna pick up trash for Maw Maw??? Obviously she has bigger problems, so Jimmy runs into a woman and says, hey miss, I need you to go on the side of the road and act like my Great Grandmother and pick up trash… just then, the cops come out…. She was a HOOKA!!!!  and now he’s in the same squad car with his momma!!  She goes… Jimmy she’s a hooker and wearing a wire.  I heard everything.  It’s like watching your kid drown and not being able to say SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!  So, now there are three blue dots on the house….

Jimmy lies on Hope’s application and puts the neighbor’s address.  He goes, Hope, I wouldn’t have to do this if it weren’t for you acting like a dog; barking and …. CHEWING ON A BONE!!!  Jimmy flips out, who gave her a bone? Burt says, I did… she fetched my slippers and I keep my promises.   So, he starts realllly lying on the application.

The next day, the scholarship determiner guy reads off everyone’s stories that are obviously embellished and says that Jimmy is the winner because he gave a kidney to a car jack-er, and fought overseas.  After the losers started walking away, he realizes it was wrong to lie and comes clean about all his lies.  The scholarship determiner guy says how brave it was to tell the truth, so everyone jumped on it… one guy said, yea my last name in Sanchez, but we are as Latino as the three amigos…. the apparently deaf couple starts talking and the husband admits the wife doesn’t shut up.  The honesty got everyone unqualified for the scholarship and Jimmy recommended  Shelley.  He realized that the day care was always great, it just needed more kids.


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