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Desperate Housewives Recap – Opportunities Knocking At Your Door!

Posted by tvtime101 on November 16, 2010

Well, here is the Thanksgiving Episode.  We learned a lot of things the last few weeks.  First, Felicia’s daughter, Beth,  is married to Paul.  Secondly, Bree’s new “gal pal” is her boyfriends mother.  Also, by this point, Lynette has started a business with Renee (and Susan seems to have a knack for it) & hired Susan to be the nanny.  We had also found out that Renee and Tom had some sort of intimate past that Lynette can never find out about, but you know she will.

So we start this week with Paul & Beth.  Now that they are having sex, he is a much happier woman, and come to find that Beth likes sex too.  She starts asking Felicia how will she find out if he really killed Martha Huber, and she suggested during sex.  Obviously it didn’t work and now we know that Beth is starting to doubt that he murdered her Aunt and may actually be falling in love with him.  Well, Felicia went all crazy (and if there were tables, I am sure she would have flipped them!).  She starting screaming and the guards took her away with her 3 fingers on one hand.

Lynette sees Susan walking around for quite some time with the baby and insists that the baby learns to self soothe.  Susan doesn’t like hearing the baby cry and informs Lynette that its a lazy way of parenting.  Lynette responds saying it must be easy with having kids 18 years apart……  In the end, we find that Susan listens to MJ cry at night for his dad and that’s too much for her.  So Lynette hands her the phone and tells her to call her husband…. I wonder how they are going to spice up that story line… Will he cheat on her??? Will he ever come back????

Now we go to Renee…. and her door…. that Tom was knocking on.  She answers in a towel claiming she was waiting for the cable guy so she can get some free channels the ol fashioned way…. Yep boys n girls, before the age of downloading, we use to bribe the cable boys to give us free channels (until the cable companies zapped us).  That just shows her age… And I’m not buying that whole story…..   She has money.. why does she need free cable… After watching the episode and seeing the flirting going on between her and Tom, I think she’s trying to swindle him from Lynette.  So, after Tom tells her how great she looks in a towel, and discusses what towel she was wearing the “last time” he saw her in a towel, I got such a bad feeling that Wisteria Lane’s best husband is gonna cheat.  I mean, doesn’t he have enough kids… doesn’t the thought of having sex scare him of having another kid?@!?!?!?!!?!?  Even after the Thanksgiving dinner, Renee was telling Tom how she should have went to the nicer boys instead of the rich ones….. Yea.. this isn’t handed in any place that is good.

So, of course Renee holds Thanksgiving dinner and Lynette is in, because hey she doesn’t have to cook for her family of 10. But Renee not liking kids well, or as Susan put it.. .likes kids medium rare, the kids ate dinner in the Driveway….. Interesting.

Bree had a visitor the day before Thanksgiving… it was her boyfriends’ mother.  She confessed her bad drunk behavior is due from problems with her husband.  Bree tells her to be honest with her husband and invites them over for Thanksgiving.  Did anyone notice that Bree was drinking wine on Thanksgiving???????  The awkwardness is set in as Keith’s parents are arguing and his mother asks for a divorce, than thanks Bree for giving her the courage of being honest.  His father okay’s it and they storm out.  Keith is left not feeling great about marriage and Bree tells him it’s okay to believe in marriage and has a high school moment in telling him that she would get married again.  Unbeknown to her, Keith has an engagement ring in his nightstand.  While he goes into the other room, his father starts hitting on Bree, so we know this is going to get good!!!!!

After Carlos spent the whole day slaving over a stove, Gaby forgets the pies and he orders her out to get some pies.  So, Hector agrees to take her and gets pulled over for driving on the shoulder (Gaby’s idea).  Turns out, he’s an illegal immigrant and being deported.  Once Gaby gets back to the house, Carmen hurries back to the house to pack and leave town to Texas.  Gaby gets to the house just in time to persuade her to go back to Gaby’s house and talk to their lawyer, Bob.  After discovering that there is no hope for Carmen and Hector, she realizes that Grace is a US citizen.  So, Gaby overhears Grace say she wishes that she could live with the Solice’s.  Gaby now has an idea.  We all know where this one is going…

Here is a clip from Sunday’s episode…


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