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Teresa Giudice Bankruptcy Watch 2010

Posted by mrscolbert on November 15, 2010

The Law Is Trying To Destroy Teresa Giudice

Now that a trial is looming in their fraud case, Teresa’s attorney is pulling everything out of his magic attorney hat to make sure they don’t have to be accountable for anything.  Not lying to the courts, not hiding assets, not going into $11 million worth of debt, nothing!

Joe's house

Joe gambling

Joe shopping with the gals

Joe's boobs

Joe's pedicure

Joe's hair appointment

Joe's baby by Joe's pool

They’re playing the our-family-will-be-destroyed card.  That they’ve suffered enough and that Teresa shouldn’t be responsible for Joe’s debt.  “Some of the family members are clearly not responsible for anything that occurred here”, says their attorney.  This, according to Radaronline.

Okay, I’ll give them that…that new baby had nothing to do with their spending.  Gia, on the other hand, well, that thousand dollars in clothes she demanded, clearly had a hand in their debt.  I say Gia should be added to the complaint.

But yeah, I predicted this a long time ago.  That this was going to become all Joe’s fault.  Not hers, for spending thousands on her ticky tacky.  Not hers for spending $60k days after their filing for bankruptcy protection.  Not hers, for omitting the money she gets from her books.  It’s all Joe’s fault.

What do you guys think?  Should Joe and Teresa have to stand trial for fraud?  Should Gia also be added to the complaint for contributing to their debt?


7 Responses to “Teresa Giudice Bankruptcy Watch 2010”

  1. mikki12 said

    Part of me would love to see Tacky & Juicy behind bars. But only if part of their sentence is having to re-pay some of that massive debt. I said a while back on that site that shall remain nameless if push came to shove T would throw J under the bus. My opinion hasn’t changed. I worry that with a jury trial, if it comes to that, there will be one or two sympathatic jurors who won’t be able to bear the thought of Teresa in jail. Sadly, that woman has her admirers. If nothing else I hope the trouble that they are in is giving them many sleepless nights.

  2. Pixie said

    Hey, Mrs C, great job on this article! My favorite pictures are Joe’s pedicure and Joe getting his hair done. Wonder if you’ll find photos of Joe’s stilettos and Joe’s handbag collection.

  3. Mrs C!! Great article!! TinsleKitty!! What a freakin awesome layout!!! MAD SKILLZ!!

  4. “Gia should be added to the complaint…..” lmaoooooo!!!!!

  5. LWoo said

    I say that it’s definitely the both of them. Theresa can’t play the stupid card on this one; she clearly spent a LOT of money- most of it on tacky crap. So it’s the both of them.

    Do any of you wonder if their children have college funds set up? Hmmm….

    Hey peeps!!! 🙂

  6. BobLHead said

    I voted for Danielle!

  7. BondGirl said

    Hello Gang!!! I am still trying to get use to posting on this site. And I have to get use to all the new monikers…..Please help me with that…..

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