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Real Housewives of Atlanta Preview

Posted by tinselkitty on November 14, 2010

She Can Dance?

It’s that time of the week, my peeps.  Get out your Sunday hats and put away your pregnancy calculators because it’s Phatlanta time.

Damnit, Dwight, you said I'd get a nice dress.

DirecTV tells me that tonight we’ll be seeing Phaedra pack for the birth.  Will she choose winter or summer clothes?  Who knows?  Not Phaedra. I bet Apollo knows but he’s learned not to speak unless spoken to, which is too bad because I’ve enjoyed everything he’s had to say so far.

Let’s do another show of hands.  Remember, it’s the internet so you have to be 100% honest.  Who here, when they heard Kim say “I’ve been chasing dick since I came out of the womb” thought to themselves, “Huh.  I’d like to see that.”?  Raise ’em up.  Mrs. Colbert, don’t even sit back there and act like you’re better than the rest of us.  Put your damn hand up.  You ain’t that classy.  Alrighty then, it looks like pert near all of us are in for a treat.  Bravo’s cameras were able to catch this phenomenon in the wild as Kroy Biermann takes to the dance floor.  Sheree whosawhat?

Keep a sharp lookout tonight for Nene’s biceps.  I do believe Ms. Nene’s been working out, which is why you will only hear me saying fabulous things about her.  I mean, I like her anyway but if I did feel the need to snark on her I’m totally over it.

"OMG, it took, like, eight hours for them just to get the rods in."

Cynthia’s due some face time this week, too, but I just don’t find it nearly as interesting as this:

Somewhere in Canada, Robin Sparkles hears the call.  Let’s go to the mall!








183 Responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Preview”

  1. Pixie said

    IJS: LMAO! So Patti Stanger = hubby torture.

    Mrs HJ: I’ve thought the exact same thing. Those two do not look polished enough for a millionnaire matchmaking service. Are they satanists? I seem to remember one of them explaining satanism.

  2. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @5 Bryan…..Thank you from the bottom of my heart. xoxo Now, I’m going to have difficulty falling asleep. Pardon me while I let my mind wonder. Ok. Wondering. Wondering. Won-der-ing.

    @7 wildheart…..Thank God those chandeliers are bolted to the ceiling so well.

    @9 Bryan…..ROTFLMAO!!!! Thanks for the visual. WTH was all I could think when Kim was talking about the “tight ass guy”.

    Pixie, anytime sweet pea! It’s good to know that there are others who have stregas in their lives. Nice to have support. XO

  3. wildheart said

    IJS-that is precisely why I worship your little pointed head …cuz you is so klassy and house like my own personal Martha Stewart!

    Bryan- catching up on the older comments I saw you mention Alberto’s…now I will be tortured all night! So I am going to think of the photo you put the link to for solace. Mrs. HJ doesn’t mind-she shares,especially when her arms are tired from hanging from the chandelier and she needs to rest!

  4. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @17 ImaJustSaying…..Spanky, spanky. Woody, woody. Repeat. LMAO!!!! You kill me!

    @19 Pixie…..I didn’t hear that, however, I haven’t watched every episode. I get a kick out of watching the men (and women) she tries to fix up. WOW! I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that couple worship Satan. I know I shiver whenever I see those two. That young woman looks like she has one of those sponge rollers in her rolled up bangs died hot pink. I’ve never seen so much clown makeup. S&M with clown faces.

    Goodnight all! 🙂

  5. mikki12 said

    Welcome Pixie & KHB. Glad you made it over here. I was working today but I had such a great TV night that it made up for having to work. At 9:00 pm I had “Boardwalk Empire,” At 10 it was the Atlanta Housewives, “The Walking Dead” at 11, and then the AMC channel aired an old episode of “Breaking Bad.” I have overdosed on favorite shows tonight – Wa-hoo!

    I read what RT posted on her site and I’m puzzled about one thing. I don’t recall it being that late at night when the crapola hit the fan. She was asleep??? I don’t buy it.

  6. Fleur said

    Okay y’all, I’m still trying to figure out how to keep track of all the posts. I should get the hang of it by Christmas. 😉 I love seeing all of the “Glitter Cult” back together again!!

  7. Fleur said

    The thought of Phakedra breastfeeding actually makes me nauseous. I need Pepto Bismol ASAP!

  8. Pixie said

    Hi, Mikki and fleur.

    Just found this about Jeff Lewis and Tori Spelling getting a talk show to fill Oprah’s slot:

  9. Hey Mikki and Fleur!!

    Mikki.. didnt tonights episode of Walking dead freak you out in the first 10 minutes?? That show makes me want to shmoke a pancake.. lol

    Fleur – what are you difficulities? is it the diff names? lol For some reason I now have my mapping cheat sheet taped to the edge of my laptop. I still dont know who Bryan is 😉

  10. Pixie I heard about the show with Jeff L and Tori.. but I have no idea how their chemistry would mix. Sounds like an odd couple.

  11. Pixie said

    IJS: yeah, sounds like a weird pairing. Tori ain’t no Jenny!

  12. Pixie true dat!! Tori is a whiney self absorbed twerp and Jeff will eat her alive!!!! hmm maybe it will be good tv..

  13. Thedesigndiva said

    of course…I made my VERY LAST POST upthread on this post the other day….so this THING is going to be waiting for a LONG time before she gets her ass tore up…..LOL LOL…..
    She only “wishes” I would tear her a new one…..
    Hugs and Peace
    Day off FINALLY….I am BEAT and glad to be here at TV TIME

    14 Nov, 2010 at 6:28 pm
    Here’s my perspective and all I the light I can shed on the subject of the “regulars” exodous: Well over a month ago, I made a comment about not getting how everyone just babbled on about personal stuff that made no sense to those of us who were just here to read RT and the relevant readers’ comments. Well, I almost got my f-ing head handed to me by all those regulars, who it seems have split. For making such an inquiry, I was called a hater, jealous all this other bullshit. So I dropped it. Seems like something else has occurred wherein these folks were told to maybe try and stay more on the subject. That’s all I know. I’m still waiting for “the design diva” to respond and tear me a new one.

  14. Daniela said

    @23 Mikki12: I watch Broadwalk Empire too! What a fabulous show. Steve Buscemi is really fab as Nucky. I’ve seen him in several comedies, and he is a great actor, but this role really suits him well! Its based on the life of Nucky Johnson, I wonder why they changed it to Thompson? Kelly Macdonald looks like she is from that era.

  15. mikki12 said

    @ 26 Pixie: Love the idea of Jeff Lewis having a talk show but with Tori Spelling? The article I read said they had good chemistry. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I hope they don’t put this show on in the 4:00 pm time slot. At 4:00pm on weekdays I have a choice of Oprah (her last season,) Ellen, Judge Judy, and The People’s Court. I have enough shows to choose from!
    @ 27 IJS: agreed! I also got a little freaked out watching that zombie feasting on that dead deer. Ugh!
    @ 32 Daniela: The series is based on the life of Nucky Johnson it is not a true account of his life and times. I’m sure they changed the name to “protect the guilty.” I’ve also been a fan of Steve Busemi for quite a while. He used to do so many off-beat roles. Do you remember him in Fargo? He did a 180 degree turn when he played Tony’s cousin on “The Sopranos” and as Nucky I feel he’s done a 360 degree turn. I never thought I’d see Busemi jumping in and out of bed with beautiful women. Michael Shannon was so good in “Revolutionary Road” and he is doing another great job as the FBI agent. This series gets better with each episode.

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