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Kate Gosselin – 2 Kids Expelled From School

Posted by ImaJustSaying on November 13, 2010

Kate and The Brood

Yahoo! reports two of Kate Gosselin’s (TLC ‘Kate Plus 8’) kids,  have been expelled from their private school in Pennsylvania. Collin and Alexis, both six years old, were expelled for fighting with classmates and using naughty language. A source close  to the family reported to In Touch Weekly they made fun of other kids and called them nasty names. Both children are now being homeschooled but we don’t know if Kate is the teacher.

Jon Gosselin claims he doesn’t know from where the kids have learned this behavior. How ironic. Perhaps the incessant fighting and shouting between your ex-wife and yourself could have caused this rude behavior in your own children?

What do you think peeps..  is Kate’s need to support her family getting in the way of properly raising her children?

Now that I think about it, Octo Mom (Nadya Suleman) has twice as many kids living in a shoe with a shoe string budget and I havent heard that any of her children have been expelled from school, IF they do attend school..  I’m Just Saying..


17 Responses to “Kate Gosselin – 2 Kids Expelled From School”

  1. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    First off, I want to say that I think Kate & Jon are nutjobs.

    I use to watch “Jon & Kate Plus 8”. However, I could no longer watch after a while. (Ok, that’s not true because I would sometimes pop back in. Must be a masochist.) Basically, I thought Kate was a strega from the start. Kate?! Where’s the mute button? I actually felt sorry for Jon because Kate would bitch, boss, and berate constantly. I get she’s stressed with EIGHT children, but I would assume Jon was, too. When crap hit the fan, I was not only upset with Kate but with Jon. He was acting like a college boy gone cuckoo with his choices. I think he felt like Kate had tried to cut off his manhood. Well, she almost succeeded. Like a fool, he went off & did his thing. Sad.

    The saddest thing for me is how the decisions Jon & Kate have made have affected their children. I don’t believe either parent is innocent in this huge mess. I’m not surprised the boys are acting out. I think they, along with their siblings, have a tough life. I think they are in a lot of emotional trouble, and I seriously feel that they will/do need counseling. Very, very sad.

    Of the two eldest girls, the twins, Maddy has always seemed to have anger issues. I know she is a child, however, I feel she is a little “Kate”. Temper tantrum after temper tantrum. The other kids always seemed “better adjusted”. However, I think there is a whole lot of simmering of sadness going on underneath with the other kids. Signs, such as with the 2 boys above, have shown. I think it’s a matter of time before we see some, if not all, the other children having to be homeschooled. I sure hope not.

    I think these children have had cameras in their faces since infancy, so it’s hard for them to adjust to a regular school. Not only are they probably taunted by some at school, but they probably expect to see a camera crew in each of their classrooms. Instead of seeing a director, they see a teacher. Instead of being around their siblings and tv crew, they’re around others. Just “regular folks”.

    I hope for the children’s sake, all will work out. Personally, I hope Kate IS NOT their in-home teacher. Lawd have mercy!

  2. Mrs – I actually felt bad for Jon as well. I also think he got a really bad deal having TLC cutting him out of the show and keeping him from earning a living while Kate got child custody payments based on Jon still earning that living. Makes no sense to me at all!

  3. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @2 ImaJustSaying…..Hi! I’m LOL because I write the longest damn posts. I wish I knew how to keep it short. My husband & kids (Well, my sons anyway) keep it to a few words most of the time, or a small paragraph. One day, I was with my son who is a young man of few words & dry wit, and he told me after I explained something to a Target employee in Returns , “Well, I think that was the longest explanation I’ve ever heard.” LMAO!

    Oh, I agree completely. I’ve had a hard time feeling any sympathy for Kate. In fact, I have never had any because of seeing her in B*tch Mode, which is set on Constant Speed. When I use to watch the show, I really did feel sorry for Jon. Kate is such a narcissist, and Jon could do no right. The whole TLC deal was screwy. Of course, all they care about is $$$$.

  4. Mrs. Hugh Jackman. you just got diarrhea of the mouth and refuse to ingest some imodium for the greater good. JUST DO YOU WOMAN!!! 😉

  5. Rosie said

    Hi Mrs Jackman and IJS!

    I believe it was Alexis and Colin that were expelled. It surprised me! I guess all of this nonsense in their lives was bound to catch up with those sweet kids, sooner or later. I agree with Mrs J, I always thought Mady would be the first one in trouble.
    I really can’t stand Kate or Jon! They’ve really run this family off into the ditch.

    • Hello Rosie!! Its really kind of sad that all we have watched with Kates antics.. and could predict the worst.. the beginning is yet to come.. When a 6 year old.. forgettabout 2 of them get expelled from a school.. someone really needs to step in and monitor the parenting…

  6. Rosie said

    IJS.. I know, you’re right. They were the sweetest little kids. It’s such a shame.
    I can’t believe 2 of the little ones actually were expelled. That is serious. Can you imagine a 6 yr old being expelled? It’s heartbreaking.

  7. Rosie said

    Ps.. There is no way Kate has enough interest to home school them herself! Thank God!
    They deserve better.

  8. Rosie said

    Oh there you are IJS! I keep following you back and forth! I left you a message on the recap thread called “incorporate”.

  9. Rosie said

    No. Lmao! I left you a message @136 on the recap thread.

  10. Daniela said

    Too bad for these 8 kiddies!
    I couldn’t stand to watch this show, though I did think the kids were cute. The whining and nastiness was too much for me to tolerate. I have had 4 kids and I have heard enough temper tantrums, arguments, and whining to last me 2 lifetimes! When I watch TV, I want to escape kids!
    That being said, Jon is as immature as his children and Kate is a psycho bitch from Hell. I, too get it…8 kids is a lot of work. Keeping that in mind, she chose it. Mamma Mia, the drama never ends with this bunch!!

  11. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi ImaJustSaying (Thank! LMAO!), Rosie, and Daniela!

    @13 Daniela…..LMAO!! I totally agree about Jon & Kate.

    Lawdy, it’s bad enough that strega is their mother, but I can’t imagine in-home teacher. LAWD! I have known some women in my life, that have homeschooled one or two children. That’s it. They were very good at it, and their children did excel. I know there is a huge home-school debate. Personally, I don’t always think it’s a very bad thing. I have my ideas about public, private, and homeschooling. I think it takes a certain type of individual to homeschool. People do it for different reasons. It also helps if that parent has an education background I believe. Some kids I know that were homeschooled & then entered “regular” schools did really well. I think one of my concerns, besides the falling behind aspect, is not being able to be around other kids AND adults. I think it helps to be around all types of individuals for future’s sake. Peers & bosses in the work place. Kids need to learn social skills with others outside of their families. Unfortunately, I think these children have only known family & cameras. Just plain sad.

    Too bad the children can’t have a break from their parents. As far as public vs private, I don’t always see a difference. Good, average, and bad (teachers/staff) in both. Private “paying” for “education”. I think they would have done just fine in a public school, but I believe being in the limelight like they have has really hurt them. Very, very sad.

  12. Daniela said

    Hi Mrs HJ!
    I agree…there is a lot to be said for homeschooling, however Kate Gosselin is not a person one needs to be around 24/7!
    My friend and I talked about home schooling years ago, when the younger two were in grammar school. We seriously considered hiring a certified teacher and paying her to homeschool our kids. When all is said and done, between private school tuitions and tutors, its not unaffordable. Problem was neither one of us wanted it at our home. My boys would have taken advantage of it! Mine would have snuck in some TV Time 101!! lol

    Those Gosselin kids don’t stand a chance of leading a normal life…Kate likes the limelight too much. Sad for them.

  13. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @15 Daniela….Hi! Oh how I agree with all. I actually thought about homeschooling, too. I went to private & public. Not always a difference. I think there are various problems with our education system. Public AND private. I knew though, deep down, that I would not make a great teacher for my children. Also, I thought that they would have to get use to different types of adults. They will have different types of bosses. Just like teachers. Some are great. Some are average. Some are bad. Some have absolutely no business teaching. Like that in every profession. Unfortunately.

    I use to do a TON of volunteer work for schools, & I know that just from years of observing & helping out that teaching isn’t easy. I really do admire those teachers that love the kids & know what they are doing. It helps to have a great administration, too. No joke right? It was enough for me to be a mom to my kids & teach them what I did. The basics like right & wrong. That, and try to instill confidence in them. Work hard, but also have fun. Work to achieve whatever dream(s) you have. I KNOW I couldn’t have taught them all the Math, Foreign Language, or World History that they needed to know. Heck, I was doing well to make sure their hair was combed, everything covered & zipped, and had lunch boxes filled. LOL.

    Kate is all about herself. Frankly, I always thought that. Well, after the 2nd time I saw her on tv. That did it for me.

  14. Daniela said

    Mrs. HJ…totally agree! There are problems in all schools. My friend and I had thought at the time…there are some good teachers graduating college, why not hire one of them? New grads usually have an excitement to teach…sometimes the tenured ones are waiting around until time to collect their pension. Some are awful and have NO business around kids!
    I went to Parochial school. When I went we had a lot of nuns! You couldn’t get away with anything…not necessarily a bad thing.

    I’m with you, mornings are the worst, getting everything together! lol

    Kate IS all about herself! She wanted these babies, that should be her priority!

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