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Danielle Staub Says She’s The Susan Lucci of Reality TV..

Posted by tvtime101 on November 13, 2010

This woman can’t get any loonier than she is.   Apparently she is calling herself the Susan Lucci of Reality TV.  Apparently during an interview, Danielle had this to say,

“It’s gonna be all about me, my family and the real Danielle Staub that my fans and loved ones have been dying to see.”

According to the interview, she will be keeping things 100% authentic (like her publicity lesbian stunt.)

“Nothing is a facade with me. Everything that I do is real, that is why I am the Susan Lucci of reality television.”

Someone needs to tell her that just because she is thin and has dark hair does NOT equate her to being Susan Lucci.

Does anyone here agree??? Tell me your thoughts!!!!


7 Responses to “Danielle Staub Says She’s The Susan Lucci of Reality TV..”

  1. Dani said

    I don’t get the connection w/S. Lucci at all. Susan Lucci is an actress on a soap opera. How does Danielle in a reality show equate to Susan Lucci? Am I being thick headed here? Somebody puhleeze explain.

  2. mikki12 said

    Who knows with Danielle? At first, I thought she was referring to the role that Susan Lucci plays on all My Children. Erica Kane has always been a character people love to hate. But after reading her remarks above I don’t know what she is talking about. Why should I be surprised?

  3. tvtime101 said

    I am not sure here, because, maybe only a true whack job could have the right answer, but maybe she thinks she is like the famed Susan Lucci because our resident evil RH, Danielle, is still going to be on tv (well after her 15 minutes are up)???? Or maybe its because she thinks she looks like her and is probably trying to act like her. Susan Lucci, however, had an actress daughter (Liza) on Passions (NBC, now cancelled), so, I guess she’s grooming one of her daughters. Or maybe she found her famous mother, and it’s rumored to be Phyllis Dillard, just like Susan!!!!!!

  4. Linda said

    She is so dillusional its laughable.
    I can’t stand this woman.

  5. Daniela said

    Strega never ceases to amaze me!
    She is delusional!
    When is she going to “Wealth TV”(lol)?

  6. annah said

    Hi guys…I think she means that she is a villian and people tune in to watch her skanky ass. I just think this train wreak has done so much coke that it fried her brain!! I’m going to the store in a bit to get drinks for tonights episode of Atlanta…I promise not to skip out on the bartending job again!!! anyone want anything special???

  7. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi everyone!

    @3 TVtime101….I agree!

    Didn’t DD do some acting even before she was on HWNJ? Was she on a soap briefly? With this “singing career”, etc. it seems like she really wants to get back into “acting”. Lawd knows that strega does enough acting. Oh, who me? I’m the victim. (Sob, hiccup, sob, repeat)

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