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RH of NJ Season 2 Episode 2 – “When Ya Hang Around Wit Gahbij Long Enough.. Ya Start Ta Shtink!!”

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 13, 2010

Hello Bloggers and Fans of the Real Housewives Bravo Franchise Posts!

 I am a new blogger here at Tv Time 101 and hope to recap all the shnarky and entertaining shows of the Real Housewives.   I am not sure if I can be compared to the wonderful blog owner here but I will do my best.  Here we go..

I am recapping Season 2 Episode 2 and it appears that this whole season is going to be another Danielle gang bang by the udda wives in regards to last seasons issues.  So far this season is just boring and old news.  I have a feeling we are going to just rehash last season which we are all well aware of Danielle’s arrest record and Theresa’s table flipping and Mamma Caroline making her mob like boss threats.  Sigh.. hopefully we will get something new to shnark about.

We get a look at Danielle’s house being assessed by a realtor and some of the repairs that are needed.  Danielle has made no claim to having a lot of money and I am going to let her slide on this since I agree with her.  Since her ex holds the purse strings, he should put out for the repairs if they want to fetch the best price. 

Now on the other hand, an important feature in your bathroom is not necessarily a “Bidet”.  Why the heck do you need a water compressor shooting upwards in your bathroom?  What the heck are you flushing out of your girly bits??  Do we have animals living in there?  The bubonic plague?  Actually I don’t really want to know the answer..  I shudder at the thought and since I am a guest here, I need to use a filter..  for at least a few posts..  (wink)

Here we are out to lunch with Theresa, Jacqueline and Momma Caroline.  Theresa is already starting in on sex talk.   Ok, since her installing her new bubbies, she likes to be on top but she wants to be left alone by Juicy Joe.  Theresa has already got her freak on with her Granite and Marble Dildo’s  that match her house.  (omg, I am already getting my Joisey on.. ) 

Theresa bring up “Gahbij” (Danielle) while they are eating..   I actually have to say Kadooze to Jacs for not getting all gossipy.  Leave it to me Jacs!!  I do it betta!!!

Now we have Caroline talking about Danielle’s kids saying that the kids don’t  have any light in their eyes and are lacking childhood innocence  and are socially awkward.  YIKES!!   You can hate on Danielle all you want but PULEEZEEEE!!!  PAY ATTENTION!!!  You dont drag their children into it when they ARE innocent in this whole ordeal..

Caroline gets the BACKYARD DOO DOO AWARD of the episode for talking about peoples children who have no ability to defend themselves.  SHAME ON YOU CAROLINE!!!  I wonder if Danielle’s kids where slinging Ham around the kitchen, she would also have negative remarks..  hmmm…..  like….

 The kids have no respect for stahving kids in China.. 

Kids need to respect the boiled ham and slap some salami on it.. 


Ok.. now the quip of the night!!! 

“If you hang around gahbij..   ya start ta shtink!!”

I wonder how Caroline knows this???  ImaJustAsking??  How do you tell someone who to hang out with?  How does it affect you?  Why do I keep asking myself questions?   If Jacs wants to hang with a prostitution HUARE.. its her prerogative!! 

 Everybodys talking…. all this stuff about her…. why dont they just let her live??….  Tell me why????

Ashley, Ashley, Ashley..  When you insist of moving out cause you don’t want your parents to tell you what to do.. you do your own fricken laundry.  Good for you Jacs sticking to your guns!!  If you can’t handle her Jacs.. you can always sick mamma Caroline after her who will threaten her life and tell her she is gonna shtink from hangin wit gahbij. 

Christine getting that modeling contract with IMG is HUUUGE!!!!!  Take that Theresa!!  This girl was scouted and not being pimped out there.  Good for Christine and wish her the best.  She is a beautiful young girl who has serious potential.  Lets hope Danielle doesn’t live through her daughter and mess this up.. hmm for some reason I think I will have more to say on this.

Theresa’s daughter is adorable but she appears a bit over rehearsed and forced.  I think she is a bit young to be pursuing this and should be outside playing with her friends and getting dirty like a wee lass should.  Oops that might be Irish and not Italian.  My bad..  Gia does get in fashion week and I can’t wait for next weeks episode to see both young girls on the runway.

We finally get a cross over from RH of NY to NJ and get to get a glimpse of Kelly’s husband Gilles Bensimon.  He is infamous and Christine is very lucky.  Is it me or why do I think most of the NY ladies married old men for the money??  Ramona, Alex and Bethenny are the only ones who have married peers and not grand pappies.  Hmm.. That analogy which might explain a lot about the division of the ladies in NYC. 

Christine was quite humble about the photo shoot and quite telling how she didn’t want her mother there.  Danielle is quite Star Farked with Gilles and is making a silly of herself for her daughter… OY VEY!!!!  Danielle stealing her daughters thunder on her first photo shoot!!  Classic Danielle!!  It’s all about her!!  More about that to come..

Puffy Chuckie???  Swollen and nasty???  Omg.. Theresa has the worst vocabulary..  She does not have the ability to present herself as a lady (cough cough) or even provide comprehensive sentences to describe what goes on inside her meatball brain.   I SHKEEVE over her description of her PUFFY CHUCKIE.  When Theresa was born.. The docta slapped her mama!!!

I die.

Danielle has every right to be totally proud of her daughter.  Getting a cover for your first photo shoot and a 5 page spread is truly amazing.. Isnt this cause for a celebration?  OF COURSE!!!   Danielle plans a party to “UNVEIL” her daughter to her friends as a new amazing model who no doubt has a great chance at success “AND HER PRIDE”.  She asks Christine who would she want to come and Christine nixes on the idea of Mamma Caroline and Theresa.. out of the mouths of babes..  Christine is then informed that she will not be inviting her friends since it was not an event for her to attend..  Wait.. is that Kim D at the event?  The one who is a good friend to Danielle but isn’t when she is speaking to momma Caroline? 


Danielle invites Jacs and Dina on the phone and they both declined but gave good wishes.  At the luncheon Danielle still has two seats set for both of them and makes a dramatic statement about the empty chairs and lack of support.  Now that Danielle’s daughter is gaining some success does Danielle interpret this into hers and now going back to her crazy ways and making displays of drama and lying about the empty chairs??  First she throws an unveiling party for her daughter but doesn’t even invite her.. which is crazy beyond belief, then she sets table settings for people who didn’t even plan on attending…  I am thinking she has totally fell off her rocker and thinks she is a new-found celebrity who can make chit up?  Someone explain pathological liar/ prostitution huare to me..

Danielle wishes everyone “Love and Light”   Stay away from the light Jacs!!!!!!!  Its the entrance to Danielle’s lair!!


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Please leave comments and your take on this Jerseylicious show.  I love the shnark and contribution.


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  1. come on!! leave a commnet or a feed back!!!

  2. Dy said

    I don’t think what Caroline said was in anyway wrong.They have seen and heard too much and it does show in their eyes…By the way love your blogs best of Luck to you!

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