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Desperate Housewives: We All Deserve to Die Recap – Evil

Posted by tvtime101 on April 19, 2010

Well, this week the theme was evil.  Evil thoughts and evil acts.  We go back to the Strangler and attack on Julie.  We find that there is another girl missing and why this isn’t on their radar I don’t know.  Although, I was particularly surprised by Lee and Stan and Lee’s departure.  You would think, by now, that you would know Wisteria Lane is not so safe from murderers, crazy people and yes tornadoes.  But, let’s recap what happened this week.

Lee & Stan have been trying to have a baby for sometime.  It’s been rough for the gay couple to find a surrogate and an egg donor for them to have a baby let alone being on the adoption lists.  They start off this week with their egg donor backing out and their surrogate to back out soon as well.  Gabby felt awful and wanted to help and offered up her eggs.  She offered them up before speaking to Carlos and before realizing what a big decision this is.  Lee and Stan should have recognized that by now.  Give her time to think about it and make sure its what she wants before getting their hopes up.  Well, after thinking about it Gabby wasn’t ready to let go of a child that was biologically but illegally hers.  Once she really thought about the child, she realized she may want another (particulary a boy) and thought about how she would feel if one of hers wasn’t there.  Carlos also weighed in and said that he is a majority stockholder since what comes out of there is half his, and he pays for the gym, massages and one day implants.  He was against it, but he is more level headed than she.  It broke her heart to have Carlos back out of it for her, but when she realized that Lee left because of it she felt even worse.

Susan & Mike are having money issues.  Mike is broke and getting his truck repo’d and Susan doesn’t know anything about it.  Mike has a chip on his shoulder about money and supporting his wife, but why isn’t their money pooled together.. Come on, in marriage, your supposed to have the financial burden together, not separate.  But, anyway when Susan learns of the status of his finances she pays everyone in the neighborhood to clog their drains and break their toilets so Mike can come and fix it.  It was a sweet gesture, but I think she’s right when she says her marriage is in some trouble if he can’t go to her.  The last divorce was because she couldn’t let go killing a mother and child, and this one may be on him (but I hope we don’t go down that road.)  Just pool it together and who cares who makes what.  Your a team and that’s what matters.  But, Mike didn’t see it that way and takes a hefty loan from Carlos and you just KNOW it will get around and back to Susan.  Splitsville, i don’t know.

Danny has found his biological father, but doesn’t know it yet.  Patrick is coming off as a guy writing a novel in a coffee shop and telling Danny all about his book (real life story minus the bad stuff) and how the guy is the victim because she took his son.  So he asks Danny how it should end and he says kill the woman.  Not realizing that it is his Mother, Patrick went to, but didn’t.  He told Danny that he wants to do what she did and take the kid.  But forcing a teenager to do something will bite him in the ass.  The kid won’t love him, so he’s going to have to win him over by forming a relationship with him, drop the bomb and let Danny leave on his own.

Bree is in a weird state.  We come to find that Andrew is digging in the wrong places.  Don’t look at his degrees, go for a background check.  You have all the necessary info on his I-9 and employee records.  Granted it’s illegal without his permission, but hey… I’d start there.  Bree also comes to find out (thanks Sam) that Andrew took some excess bottles of wine and vodka from a client and used them at the party.  The thing is he still billed the client from that and that is a big no-no.  This also tells you that Andrew is no CIA secret agent wanna be.  That is so easily traced, stamp an L on his forehead and be done with it.  Heck, even Bree fired Andrew as a form of time out punishment.

Although we learn that this new cookbook that is Sam’s idea is not really welcomed by Bree’s publisher and when she has to give a dinner to show some recipe’s the Sherry is switched to vinegar (apple cider vinegar from the looks.)  She is shocked and Sam immediately points the finger at Andrew because he never handed in his keys.  After discussing it with what appears to be a late night high cocoa with Orson, she realizes that Orson may be onto something.  Andrew is NOT as smart as to find out what ingredient she needs for the food being served to her publishers to get back at his mother for a routine firing that apparently happens all the time.  As Orson put it, he’s the kind that gets caught for stealing a case of wine.  So, now that the fingers are being pointed back at Sam, Bree is starting to realize the motive and wanting Andrew out of the picture.  But, I think Orson was just starting to scratch the surface.  I think Sam wants to destroy Bree and Andrew.  Andrew is merely a pawn that is getting in his way.  I think he knew how important the dinner was and that the publishing company didn’t want to do another generic Southern Cookbook.  But, once Bree realized the dishes were a disaster, she faked a fire and the sprinklers went off before anyone could eat a bite.

Lynnette and Tom are still not happy with Irina and Preston is a boy blinded by beauty.  Lynnette is bridal shopping with Irina when she gets a sketchy call that leads the owner of the bridal shop to translate the Russian call for Lynnette.  “It’s some guy threatening to call the police on her, it has to be something bad” is what Lynnette says to an Immigration officer asking for help.  When the first immigration officer doesn’t help and doesn’t do anything, she moves on to an officer with a family that can relate and asks her for help.  So, stealthy Lynnette (who’s so pregnant, she’s ready to drop) sneaks into Irina’s room and finds her passport and copies the number so she can give the officer to do a background check.  See, Andrew should be taking notes here!!!!   However, before she could leave the room, Irina and Preston barge in getting hot and heavy.  So, pregnant Lynnette hides behind the closet door waiting for a distraction (baseball through the window) to leave the room unnoticed.

They jump forward to the wedding and it’s an hour away.  Preston can’t find his shoe that Lynnette hid in the oven trying to bide time for that background check.  Just as Lynnette says I wish I went to Church more often so I could get an answer from the big man on what to do, the immigration officer appears at her home with the report full of goodies.  Tom looks into the sky baffled and Lynnette says see you Sunday!  After Lynnette confronts sneaky Irina about her past, Irina tells Lynnette to tell Preston and she will explain it because he’s a doop basically.  However, that doop was standing at the door and overheard it all.  After he calls off the wedding, Lynnette goes to talk to Preston.  (I thought she would have said, now shave that ridiculous thing off your face!) But says that he knows she hates him and would rather have it that way so he didn’t make the biggest mistake of his life.  And she knows its okay because he will get over it and she’ll be waiting there for him to get over it.  I loved it when she added to not to take too long because she misses him already.

This all leads to the end where Irina takes a ride from Eddie and after Eddie offers her to stay with him she laughs and says I didn’t come to America to get with some greasy haired kid ya know.  He whips the car around and it appears that he strangles her to death.  Apparently, HE IS OUR KILLER.  He digs a hole (a little too close to the road if you ask me) and buries her body.  The scene then goes to Eddie picking up Parker for school and Lynnette inviting him in.

Ok, so Eddie is going to have a fight and Parker goes missing causing Lynnette to freak and go into labor???  Is that how we are going to end the season.  I don’t know but what are your thoughts?????


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  2. limewire said

    shoot nice story dude.

  3. wow fun info man.

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