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Parenthood: What’s goin on down there? – Cha Cha Cha Chia

Posted by tvtime101 on April 13, 2010

Well, this episode really dives into the problems of the Braverman family that we didn’t see before.

Adam starts tonight by trying to reconnect some family time.  After the unsuccessful attempt, he ends up at a dinner for some new clients.  He ends up drinking 2 daiquiri’s before switching to virgin daiquiri’s while seeing Max’s behavioral therapist partying it up, sitting on the bar doing tequila shots.  Speaking of Max, it really seems like the behavioral therapist is doing a great job.  He seems somewhat more manageable, but only on the sticker system so far.  Haddie tried to take Max to the theater, and it didn’t work out so great which ruined the prospect “Kitty’s on the grill” time… according to Kristina.   But, it’s evident that Adam has reached overload status and freaks out on Kristina.  She’s not really sure what to do since she’s always the one freaking out and over stressing, so she tells him to take a break.

Haddie spent career day with Julia at her work.  After quoting some “Pretty Woman” lines, we realize that Julia not only has her own latte man,  but is also the female version of George Kastanza in “Pretty Woman”…  the legal, ruthless and cunning merger and aquisition lawyer.  This makes Julia realize that is not the person she set out to be and is having an attack of conscience and appears to be thinking of changing law industries.  This also makes Kristina feel a little worthless.  Haddie went on and on about having a workforce and successful woman in the family to look up to.  Desperate for her daughter to realize that she was once that woman and gave it up for the better cause of being a mom, she started to pull out all of her old files to show Haddie that she was a successful woman too.   It wasn’t until Adam had a bike ride with Haddie and brought her to a park that Kristina saved from a construction conglomerate and turned it into a park that made Haddie realize her mom is cool too.

Speaking of cool Moms, Sarah tonight could not have been well played by Maura Tierney.  Look, I love Maura Tierney and I hope she’s doing well with her breast cancer treatment, but I would have found it tough to see her have a relationship with a man 12 years younger than her, than tell her daughter to only hear her daughter cry.  Yes, Lauren Graham did a great job executing the, I slept with your teacher role as she has experience in it with being Lorelai Gilmore.  However, she did have a gal pal night discussing it with Julia and Kristina when Kristina and Julia informed her that guys these days don’t the the Chia Pet look down there.  So, she didn’t realize that Amber was into her teacher until Adam pointed it out.  After informing Amber of their relationship, you could hear her cry from outside her door.  This prompted Sarah to go to Mr. Mark Cyr’s apartment, and ask him on a date in two years.  Amanda is wrecked, and never ends up going to her SAT exam and instead her boyfriend from Fresno shows up.  Why did Sarah have to tell her about her relationship the day before the SATs?  She really couldn’t have waited.

Crosby started his day out in yoga class, and Jabbar ended up talking to another kid and the mother invited them over for a play date. The play date turned into another play date the next day.  The second day was interesting.  While they were in the pool, the lifeguard took over and Crosby and this woman went into the house.  Things started getting hot and heavy but Crosby couldn’t do it.  He’s growing up.  He didn’t feel comfortable leaving Jabbar out there.  Well, of course Jabbar tells his mom and now she’s mad.   I can only see this ending with Julia stepping in to get him some legal rights to see this kid.


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